How to recognize and deal with acne during pregnancy effectively

Pregnancy hormones can increase the number and intensity of acnes on your face, back and other parts of the body. It’s considered to be a completely normal thing, caused by hormones going wild due to pregnancy. If you’re wondering how to recognize pregnancy-specific acnes, there isn’t really a lot about it. This look and feel as regular acnes you might have had in your puberty or after. They can come as red rash at first, developing a bit of pus, or they can become large and stay within a single spot on your body. It’s not necessary to do any kind of tests for these and this is in general a rather common thing to happen.

As long as you’re not using any lotions or aggressive products to treat your acnes, your and your baby’s health will remain safe. If you commonly get acnes, chances are that your baby will have some issues with them as well.

How do they appear?

There are multiple factors which are conducive towards acne appearance, among which the three most important ones are hormones, bacteria and genetics. The size of sebaceous is predetermined with genetics and it’s considered one of the most significant factors in this.

Pus excretion is intensified in puberty due to the hormone known to dissolve skin lipids and create disorders in the pus folliculate. Due to the narrowing of the exit channel of the pus gland, the excess puss needs to get out somewhere, finding its way on top of your skin.

Pregnancy acne – specifics

This dermatology state can either improve or get worse during pregnancy, with a flow that is impossible to predict. Treatment of acnes during pregnancy is a bit complicated because some of the preparations which can handle acnes may become contraindicative here, especially for systematic application. With a local therapy you are basically removing the excess of pus from the skin, prevent follicles from closing up and creating come down. Regular wash in acidic or neutral soaps and warm water has always been a successful and safe way of dealing with acne during pregnancy, so it’s definitely worth a try.

Acne scars

In some cases, acnes may leave scars on the skin especially if they are the local, bigger ones. Make sure not to poke your acnes around as this can all be treated in a chemical way, with no physical damage done to your skin. Keep in mind that you are basically damaging your skin by manhandling your acnes and trying to get rid of them one by one.

In case you already have some nasty acne scars, these can be solved with laser therapy, dermic abrasion, chemical peeling or some complex surgery procedures. Whatever the case may be with you, make sure not to force anything and be patient – you are pregnant and should have all the time in the world for understanding how to deal with a simple condition such as acnes, experiencing no side-effects afterwards whatsoever.

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