How to Look Refreshed through Dark Eye Circles Removal

Droopy eyes, dark circles, and hollowness in your tear troughs could make you look like you have not slept in a few days. Even if you’ve rested properly, the aging process could make the eyes appear exhausted.

What Causes Dark Eye Circles and Eyebags?

Swollen or puffy eyes could be induced by stress, water retention, hay fever, allergies, alcohol consumption, a high sodium intake, or hormonal changes. Crying does not make it any better either, as your glands around your eyelids that create tears become swollen from excessive activity. Lack of sleep and flying are other common triggers.

Blepharoplasty surgery — also called eyelift — is a long-term procedure to eliminate noticeable eyebags and reclaim a more rested look to your eye region.

Nevertheless, not all of us has the money nor time to undergo surgery, which is where you could use these minimally invasive dark eye circles removal solutions:

Dermal Fillers

As we get old, our natural fat pads decline, leaving sagging skin and hollowness. That’s a slow process that starts when we reach our thirties and by the time we reach our forties to fifties, the under-eye region could adversely influence our look. Of course, it is possible to get hollow tear troughs when we were younger because of factors like illness, genetics, and a person’s natural anatomy. The good news is a dermal filler injection could drastically (and quickly) reverse and restore under-eye aging.

BTX Treatments

Numerous women have crow’s feet around their eyes. These are dynamic lines due to the contractions of our muscles when we laugh or smile. If not treated, crow’s feet could become deeper through time and at one point, become static wrinkles – those you notice even when your face is rested. A slight amount of neurotoxin like BTX Treatments could treat crow’s feet without impacting the ability to express oneself.

Another lesser-known advantage of getting BTX administered within the crow’s feet is a fresher look. Numerous patients who do not bother having wrinkles around their eyes love getting this region treated regardless due to the eye-opening, overall lifting, and incredible brightening effect this treatment attains.

BTX treatments can likewise be used to smooth lines between the eyebrows and horizontal lines over the forehead, and also to give the eyebrows a boost. When the face is at rest, reducing muscle activity in the top part of the face could have a significant anti-aging benefit on the eye region and assist to avoid obvious wrinkles.

Thread Lift and Ultherapy

If the dark circles are caused by extra fat protruding from beneath your eyes, a mixture of Thread Lifting and Ultherapy can help. Under-eye protrusions can be treated non-surgically. “Eyebags” are a term used to describe this extra fat. The orbital septum is a thin, strong membrane that holds the fat together. This membrane loosens as you grow older, as well as the fat in your orbital septum sags, developing eyebags.

Laser excision of the fat either by an incision on the superficial under-eye or by the conjunctiva on your deep under-eye is a surgical procedure for removing these eyebags. Because the fat is eliminated during surgery, it is quite helpful in curing under-eye protrusions, but in certain situations where the fat’s so dense, a tear trough may form following surgery, which could result in recurrence of dark circles.

Furthermore, while the fat is removed, other underlying issues such as loss of pigmentation and skin elasticity are not addressed by surgery. This is one of the many reasons why a lot of people do not go for surgery.

The non-surgical dark eye circles removal treatment of combining Thread Lifting with Ultherapy laser, on the other hand, produces natural results that are safe and don’t require an anesthetic. Because the surrounding skin of your eye is more sensitive and thinner, the safest option is to utilize threads with the smallest PDO. Besides that, because the Ultherapy laser may treat pigmentation and skin elasticity concerns while the eyebags are kept together by thread lifting, no additional treatments are necessary. This procedure is excellent for treating dark circles produced by eye bags, as well as wrinkles around the eyes.