How to Hide Knock Knees By Wearing Clothes

There are a lot of people out there with knock knees who want to know how to correct the problem, or at the very least learn how to mask the problem.

The best way to hide knock knees until you figure out how to fix the problem is to wear the right type of clothes that doesn’t bring a lot of attention to your legs.

What Type of Clothes to Wear for Knock Knees

When it comes to the type of clothes to wear for knock knees your main focus should be the type of pants or shorts you wear, according to My Knock Knee Fix.

The wrong type of pants to wear when you’re trying to disguise your knock knees are slim fitting pants.

Slim pants will make your knock knees or bowlegs look a lot more obvious, and make you more self-conscious as a result.

What Type of Jeans to Wear for Knock Knees

There are many different styles of pants you can wear to effectively make your knock knees a little less noticeable.

When it comes to the best type of jeans to wear when you have knocked knees you should go for straight leg jeans that aren’t slim or skinny.

These types of jeans will keep your knees covered adequately to the point where they aren’t as noticeable to other people.

Trouser cut jeans are also a great option for people trying to hide their knock knees.

If you have no other choice but to wear skinny jeans try to pair them with knee high boots to help, make the appearance of your legs look straighter.

What Can Women Do to Hide Knock Knees

For women, the same rules apply when it comes to jeans.

However, women tend to have more options when it comes to the type of clothes, they can wear to cover up their knees and reduce the appearance of genu valgum.

There are a number of different dress styles you can wear to draw attention away from your knocked knees and make them appear less noticeable.

Go for dresses that are ankle length or at least come down to your mid calf.

These types of dresses do a great job at reducing the appearance of lower leg extremities like knock knees and bowlegs.

Another great tip for women trying to hide their knock knees is to wear wide leg pants that will do a great job at making your legs appear straighter than what they are.

The worst type of pants you can wear if you’re a knock kneed woman are leggings. Leggings will definitely make your knock kneed appearance more noticeable.

If you must wear leggings try to go for ones that are a little loose fitting.

When you wear skirts go for ones that have an A-line meaning that they’ll drape down your body in a straight line so that other people eyes won’t notice your knock knees.

These are just some great tips to help you make your knock knees a little less obvious.

With whatever you’re interested in wearing make sure you check yourself out in the mirror before you buy it.

Go in the fitting room and make sure whatever you’re wearing fits against your body loosely so that the inward curve around your knees isn’t noticeable.