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How to get rid of Herpes

Herpes is one of the most common sexually transmitted disease and there are many other types of herpes to note which become obvious on other parts of the body. Over 80% of people suffering from herpes aren’t even aware that they have this illness. In terms of other percentages, about 21% of women have genital herpes, while the same condition is diagnosed with about 12% of men. One of the most common misconceptions related to herpes is that people think about it being untreatable. To start with, you’d want to get your herpes observed by a doctor who will be able to establish a proper diagnosis of the problem. This is where a lot of people fail as herpes is actually asymptomatic in many cases, meaning that the symptoms are either extremely mild or aren’t even there to begin with.

Usually, one can recognize a herpes infection by noticing painful blisters which can heal up over the course of several weeks. You can locate these on your genitals or on the upper part of your legs even. Urination is also commonly painful in case of a herpes infection which is usually followed by symptoms very similar to flu – fever, body aches and other common symptoms.

What to do in order to get rid of herpes

Pharmaceutical industry of today has gone a little bit off and there is a high focus on profits. This is why there are countless preparations and medications which are passing under the radar without receiving proper recognition and licenses which would allow doctors to recommend them. There are many solutions you can use with no prescriptions made, but some people over-appreciate the pharmaceutical industry’s recommendations.

A good example of such philosophy is green tea – it has been proven countless times how efficient this simple supplement is and yet you won’t find it in receipts made by any doctors. The problem with green tea is that its main ingredient can’t be patented, which eliminates the possibility of the pharmaceutical industry to control the profits made by the sales of this tea in the public.

Get Rid of Herpes

Get Rid of Herpes is a method which works by eliminating specific cells; mostly those who don’t contain enzyme catalase. This enzyme has role of oxidizing the white blood cells which are meant to defend your body in case of an infection – these are the carriers of your immunological system. Obviously, with an added percentage of this oxygenator as well as a significant amount of additional supplements, it will act as a catalyst, vastly improving the efficiency of it and kill even more viruses.

This therapy has proven to be efficient in a number of occasions and people dealing with herpes issues are known to get in contact with other people to find more solutions. Herpes might be one of those rare cases where unofficial treatment such as the one based on catalase enzymes actually work.

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