How to get rid of Dandruff efficiently

You probably won’t find a person who hasn’t suffered from dandruff in their lifetime. About 90% of people have temporary or permanent problems with this. Everybody will agree with the statement that dandruff is definitely aesthetically unpleasing but many will also say that they have tried all possible methods but still can’t get rid of these white shells in the hair.

About dandruff

Dandruff is basically a manifest of chronic scalp condition, when white shells like matter appears in your hair, commonly followed by itchiness. With serious dandruff conditions, it’s not only limited to the scalp and there is also redness of the skin to be noted. A more significant form of dandruff is dermatitis, which is characterized by skin inflammation and oily or dry shells can appear on nose, eyebrows and ears.

Dandruff is not contagious but it’s also not entirely treatable. Cause of dandruff is most likely related to fungus, which naturally live on our scalp during our lifetime causing no issues. On the other hand, some dermatologists say that dandruff is basically a type of skin disease with clinical name Seborrhea capitos; a condition in which there is an excess of sebum being produced.


Still, dandruff can be kept under control as long as you use preparations designed to deal with it. You need to wash your hair frequently as this will help you keep a leash on your dandruff. However, you shouldn’t go too crazy about this, as your scalp might get used to this, so there will be no positive effect against dandruff anymore. Because of this, you should switch between at least three shampoos designed to deal with dandruff as every one of these has slightly different contents.

If you’re feeling that these shampoos aren’t as effective as they should be, make a switch to some more aggressive ones. Shampoos containing selenium sulfide are quickest in their act, disturbing the metabolism of the new dandruff. There are also plenty of shampoos containing antibacterial substances which will eliminate bacteria found on your scalp, thus reducing the possibility of infection.

You should always shampoo your hair twice in one session. The first shampooing needs to be left at least 5 to 10 minutes on your hair so that it can do its job, and the other one needs to be washed out right away. In order to increase the efficiency of the shampoo acting, put a swimming cap on your head after shampooing, leave it for an hour and then wash out.

Always wash yourself after physical activities as sweat tends to irritate the scalp, creating a comfortable environment for dandruff to appear. Be careful with hair products. You don’t need to stop using gels, foams or hair sprays but try to use less of them as these products tend to draw and link oil to them. Also, don’t scratch your head during shampooing – rub the preparation into your scalp with the tips of your fingers, as this will help to remove accumulated shells.

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