How to get rid of Acne Scars quickly

Level of self-esteem in women depends on three major factors – weight, condition and tone of the skin. Skin issues have represented significant issues to women for a long time now. When you want to go out you obviously want to be in your best possible appearance, but acne scars, visible pores, pigmentation and a dried up skin look are reducing this possibility where you want to get a perfect skin look. One of the most common issues with which women are dealing is acne scars as well as acnes themselves. About 25% of men and 50% of women are faced with acne problems and this is one of the major health issues in general, especially for women.

5 natural preparations to treat acne scars

Some women have a higher probability of facing with the acne problem during different life cycles. For an example, hormonal disturbances can easily cause acnes to appear during the period and pregnancy. Unfortunately, there is no medication for acnes but there are some natural ways which are helping you to keep the entire situation under control. Appearance of acne scars on the skin can seriously affect one’s self-esteem and appearance as well. You shouldn’t despair though, as you social life doesn’t need to be affected by this. There are efficient solutions.

Apple vinegar

This type of vinegar will reduce the irritation on your skin, calming down the infection started because of acnes, making the skin much softer overall. It is considered to be the best natural and affordable solution against all kinds of rashes, zits and acnes.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice extract is cheap and you can prepare it at home – just squeeze out one lemon and rinse it. When applied onto your skin, it will stay hydrated, elastic and soft.

Olive oil and salt

Olive oil has been known as one of the most nutritious oils out there and it also has a lot of benefits for your skin. Some women treat their dry skin with olive oil, as it’s filled with nutrients and helps to hydrate the skin. It also reduces the excess of oils on the skin, calming down the inflammations and treats the skin tissue.

Honey and oats

You can use rolled oats for this process, but it’s recommended to get a bag of whole grain oats which are unprocessed, cook them and mix them in a blender. Add some quality honey to this mixture and apply to the scarred skin area. This will clean out your pores and make your skin feel as smooth as never.


Tomatoes on the skin will increase its elasticity and reduce the number of bacteria in your pores and acnes. Since it contains a high percentage of water, your skin will be thoroughly cleaned as well. It’s recommended to blend a couple of tomatoes for best effect.

All of these ingredients are highly efficient. You may want to take it easy with apple vinegar though, especially if your skin is of sensitive nature.

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