How to Deal with Kids Suffering from Aspergers syndrome?

There are lots of misconceptions about Aspergers syndrome and this can be because people are ignorant about this disorder. Some people consider children suffering from this disorder as mentally retarded but this is far from truth. These conclusions come from the activities of children who suffer this disorder. The dilemma is that the symptoms of this disease are similar to that of autism.  People from this disease need regular attention and care. Following are some steps teachers and parents need to take in order to take care of kids suffering from this syndrome.

You need to structure the activities of classroom in such a way that the child understands the transitions and realizes when it is time to concentrate. The problem with people suffering from this disorder is that they fail to relate and respond to their surrounding activities. They are always in their own world. Although it is not possible for the teacher to always hold their hand but parents should encourage their child to speak and concentrate. It would be a slow process and would demand lots of patience.

The teacher can set timers in the class which can always keep the kid active. This helps the child inability to understand surrounding activities, as he would constantly listen to the sound of the clock and remember the task in hand. If the teachers fail to do something like this, then the child would start daydreaming which would be a waste of time. Child should have a clear purpose or task in hand. This stops him from deviating and daydreaming.

The teacher should regularly review the child’s writing ability. The teacher should motivate the child and guide him to write properly. The more informed child is the greater are the chances for him to improve. It is obvious that he would take far more time than others to improve, but it is essential for the teacher to give special attention to the child. Appreciate if does something in a timely manner and also gift him with a chocolate or toy in order to motivate him to try harder. If the child starts to understand the correlation between his hard efforts and gift, then he will improve quickly.

Children suffering from aspergers syndrome should be asked to sit on the front seat. If they sit on rear benches then they would hard to concentrate and moreover teacher would not be able to keep an eye on them. Moreover, this makes the child proud and important. This certainly boosts their confidence. Children suffering from this disorder lack self confidence so you should try your best to bring back their confidence and make them believe upon themselves.

Parents and teachers should work hand-in-hand in order to improve the condition of the child. Some children suffering from this disorder are not able to speak properly, so teachers and parents should use non-verbal signs in order to interact with them. Since these children often start daydreaming so teachers should avoid scolding or rebuking them for such an activity, because aspergers syndrome is responsible for this activity. If these kids are scolded, then their confidence would demean considerably.

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