How to Cure Sore Throat

Suffering from sore throat often? Take a look at these five different remedies I’ve found to be most effective and you can easily get anything mentioned in this article. When seeking for the best solution on how to cure sore throat, it’s important to try as many of these methods as you can, because there will always be some remedies that are most effective with you. We’re not all the same for sure, but some general remedies are a good place to start before going crazy with medications or some suspicious methods of treatment. So, let’s get right into it!

High temperature pills

These pills are known to be pretty capable of dealing with sore throats, as well as helping to lower your body temperature, which is often joined in. There are many of these available for you to purchase even without a receipt, but any medication coming from the group of paracetamols should suffice. Try to drink these with a lot of water because this way you will experience the benefits in a shorter time. Also, try to take them before you eat a major meal throughout the day if you’re looking for a quick effect.

Salt water

In about 4 deciliters of warm water you can add a single tea spoon of kitchen salt. Mix it well to allow the salt to dissolve in the water and use this solution to wash your throat by gargling it a couple of times throughout the day. Make sure to spit out the fluid, don’t swallow! This kind of treatment will calm down your throat inflammation and help you cope with it throughout the day. It’s best to use this method if you need to speak a lot or have an important business meeting.

Honey and lemon

A combination of honey and lemon will not only decrease the intensity of sore throat symptoms, yet it will also help with treating general inflammation. The lemon juice helps to dissolve and clean the throat from the slime which is slowly going from your nose into the throat and the honey helps to protect the mucosa, preventing further bacteria activity to happen. In a deciliter of warm water you should add a tea spoon of honey as well as lemon juice. Mix it all up until the honey is completely dissolved and drink it up.


Basically, any kind of fluids and beverages will help you with your sore throat. It would be best to drink teas or warm water. You should avoid milk and dairy products because these can add some bacteria effect to your throat.

Throat pastilles

The best commercial solution for throat remedies would be throat pastilles. These can help you to keep your throat moist. Paired with fluid these pastilles really do have a beneficial effect as they will activate your mucosa, which will also keep your throat moistened. Menthol is recommended as an aroma for these, as they also release beneficial vapor which will thoroughly clean your throat.

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