How To Choose The Right Male Incontinence Products After Prostate Surgery

It is an incredibly difficult time for a man to readjust after having treatment for prostate cancer. The treatment itself can potentially damage nerves and muscles that control how and when you urinate, causing some men recovering from prostate surgery to suffer urinary incontinence. At this point it is the right time to look for support from a supplier of incontinence pads in the UK, providing you with the perfect solutions to make a more comfortable life during recovery from prostate cancer treatment. 

Before you receive treatment for prostate cancer, speak to your doctor about not only the treatment itself and the recovery, but the possibilities of suffering incontinence as a side effect of the treatment. If you have suffered with urinary problems in the past, it is more likely that you will suffer with incontinence problems post-prostate-treatment, but your doctor needs to be aware of this before treatment begins, to provide you with as much information as possible.

There are two main problems that you might face when recovering from prostate surgery. The first is that you may experience difficulty urinating, due to the scarring from surgery, causing the urethra to narrow. It isn’t common but is something to be aware of. The second problem is that you may suffer incontinence, leaking urine due to a loss of bladder control. Surgery may damage the nerves and muscles that control urination. Incontinence could just be light, but in some cases, it can cause huge inconvenience and problems, with men suffering incontinence when coughing or sneezing, during exercise, or even when they get an erection during sex.  It usually improves over time, but you should be prepared to find solutions for incontinence during this period. 

Depending on the severity of the incontinence you are suffering after prostate surgery, you can choose from several incontinence products for men. Incontinence pads and pants can provide comfort and greater mobility at times when you are worried that urine leakage. They are easy to fit, super absorbent, and comfortable. Other incontinence products include absorbent bedsheets that can be fitted to help you sleep more soundly at night, providing an extra layer of comfort to your sleep at a time when you may be experiencing incontinence during the night. Bedwetting through no fault of your own is difficult to come to terms with as an adult, but it can be a side effect from prostate treatment and an incontinence bedsheet is a great way to counteract this problem.

Suppliers of incontinence products for men have years of experience in providing the correct types of products for each person. Every single man suffering with incontinence will have a different story. The type and severity of incontinence can differ quite drastically from person to person, so it is helpful to have the expert guidance from a company that has the experience and selection of incontinence pads for men, alongside other assorted incontinence products, that will make a real difference to the comfort and life of that person. Recovering from prostate surgery might lead to side effects that include urinary incontinence.