How to care for dry hair

Dry hair often looks thin, dull and damaged, and it gets worse in winter. They can be made shiny and healthy by adjusting the menu and using special cosmetics correctly.

I will tell you what helped me to correct the situation with dry hair and explain here how to properly wash it, treat it and how to nourish it.

Wash dry hair gently

Hair becomes dry when the skin does not produce enough of its natural moisturizer – sebum. Dry hair is easy to break with even simple brushing, so it is important to use the shampoo correctly.

I recommend washing your hair no more than two or three times a week. It is necessary to apply on the head not the shampoo itself, but the foam, whipped in the palms. It is important to rinse your hair with cool, not hot water: the hair scales will close, and the hair will lose less moisture and become smoother.

It is useful to use conditioners and balms after each shampooing. They make up for the lack of moisture and protect fragile strands from the effects of the environment: wind, snow, sun, dry air, and wearing hats. A leave-in conditioner is ideal because it takes care of your hair longer.

No need to rub your hair with a towel and wrap your head in it – just blot the strands. It is better not to use a hairdryer after washing your hair, it is better to turn it on only for styling at a minimum temperature and be sure to apply a thermal protection agent.

Dry hair should not be washed too often to avoid aggravating the condition.

Use hair masks regularly

The principle of a good mask for dry hair is that it covers the “flaky” scales of each hair, making it even and smooth. To have an effect, the product must be used at least once or twice a week or after each hair wash.

Hair masks are convenient because they are easy to apply on a regular basis. In the shower, I first cleanse my head with shampoo, then lightly squeeze the strands with my hands and apply a mask along the entire length, and only then I do my body. As a result, self-care takes a little time, and hair does not go unnoticed, even when every minute counts.

Moisturize hair with special oils

For normal hair, the presence of oil in a cosmetic bag is not essential, oily hair is often completely contraindicated. But for dry hair, it comes in handy: oil helps to retain moisture inside the hair, from this they become denser and stronger.

The oil envelops each hair with a film, inside of which moisture is retained. It is best to use the oil on damp hair after washing your hair. On dry ones, it will not give the desired effect, and can also make them look sloppy or weigh them down.

Use the oil at least once or twice a week, or after each hair wash. It is indelible, so you don’t need to apply it to the roots.

Nourish hair with concentrated products

As an additional nourishing and strengthening agent, I recommend using lotions, fluids or hair ampoules. The point of these products is to give dry strands a high concentration of active substances and make the hair thicker in structure.

Concentrated products are best used in courses if the condition of the hair has worsened, or on a regular basis – every week and only after washing the hair. In the process, the dry flakes are closed, and the nutrients remain inside. Outwardly, it looks as if the hairstyle has acquired additional volume. The effect can even be felt by touch.

Eliminate split ends at the hairdresser

Home care is not enough to make split hair well-groomed. The master in the salon can do lamination, polishing and thermal cutting.

Lamination creates the effect of smooth, dense and shiny hair: a special mixture envelops the hairs, fills the voids of the hair shaft and protects them from negative environmental influences.

Polishing is a procedure for removing split ends, which makes the hair look smooth and uniform. It is made using a special attachment on a hair clipper, which is used to treat strand by strand.

A thermal cut is a haircut with hot scissors. The master selects the heating temperature individually. This helps to seal the split hairs and protect them from chemicals and dirt. In a normal haircut, the hair, on the contrary, “opens” at the cut.

Find salon treatments for deep hair treatment

You can noticeably improve the condition of dry hair if you regularly do professional procedures that only a master in a beauty salon can do correctly. Shielding, keratin straightening and mesotherapy are effective for moisturizing and smoothing.

The shielding gives a glossy shine and smoothness. Hair is treated with formulations that heal, glue the ends of the hair and close the scales, nourish with oils, plant proteins and vitamins.

For keratin straightening, liquid keratin is applied to the hair, which fills dry porous hairs, making them thicker and more resistant to damage. To make the composition “grab”, the master treats it with a high temperature.

During mesotherapy, medicinal formulations with vitamins, trace elements and minerals are injected into the scalp using injections. They act on the hair follicles, and from this the hair grows stronger, denser and thicker.