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How important liquid vitamin c is for your child

Researches done in the US have shown that about 60% of adults aren’t consuming enough of vitamin C, which is a particular problem for children as these habits are passed on from their parents. An inadequate consummation of vitamin C carries a lot of risks and problems along with it, and since this vitamin in particular is greatly important for immunological system, a whole array of conditions may struck due to the lack of it.

Vitamin C is present in a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s also one of the most tested and described vitamins in the world, also being the first vitamin acquired synthetically. It has an important role in a lot of biological processes, being important for collagen synthesis as well as carnation, providing suitable enzymes and hormones required for fat dissolving.

How to provide suitable amounts of vitamin C for your children

Due to its high importance, vitamin C mustn’t be ignored. Even though fruits and vegetables contain a lot of vitamin C, there’s still a question about whether this is enough and are there any drawbacks from such approach. Today I’ll discuss another type of vitamin C consummation, over supplements, or liquid vitamin c. A recommended dosage for a young child is about 50 milligrams of vitamin C per day, which is an amount you’ll hardly be able to get from consuming fruits and vegetables. On the other hand, too much of vitamin C isn’t beneficial and can cause further problems due to imbalance of chemical substances in the body so it’s really best to stick with a supplement which has vitamin C, as this is the only way to be very precise with the amount of vitamin C being taken.

Different types of apples have different amounts of vitamin C, which should be an indication about how difficult it is to judge whether your child is taking enough of vitamin C or not. By using a liquid preparation, you’ll make sure that your child is getting as much of vitamin C it needs in order to experience all of its benefits, without risking any problems due to excessive or not enough of the vitamin being consumed.

On top of that, if you thermally treat any of the ingredients containing vitamin C, you may lose up to 75% of its concentration within the ingredient. Due to the high importance of vitamin C for your child’s development and immunity, it’s most recommendable that you use a supplement which contains a precisely determined concentration of the vitamin which can help you get the proper amount of vitamin C for your child.

This supplement has a lot of benefit for prevention of all kinds of diseases as it’s working towards building a stronger immunological system. It’s also important that your children understand the importance of vitamin C at an early age as this will help them develop good habits in the future. You can find liquid vitamins in pharmacies as well as specialized stores where they sell such items.

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