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Billions of dollars have been spent on cancer treatment researches in the last couple of decades and we still don’t know any proper treatment for this fatal condition. The progress of these researches is really slow, with most people considering the whole cancer treatment ordeal to be a big fraud. People consider prevention against cancer to be much easier and beneficial for one’s life, but since there are so many people being diagnosed with cancer, something needs to be done about the treatment as well.

There are eight factors which all need to be taken into consideration if you are looking for a proper and general cancer treatment. All cancer treatment methods need to work with these eight elements in order to provide the patients with any kind of benefit. Unfortunately, there isn’t a single cancer treatment method which can guarantee any recovery rate as the cancer has a mind of its own and every cancer patient has a lot of individual factors to play around with.

Everything written in this article applies to those people who have been diagnosed with cancer and still have the benefit of being alive. It’s important to accept all of the steps I’ll be writing about here as these aren’t organized like this randomly, yet they work in conjunction with one another. It is also of great importance to find some of your body’s own natural deficiencies, problems with digestion etc. This can significantly help you deal with the cancer and it’s important not to make your situation worse than it is. Only then will you be able to achieve any kind of progress in terms of cancer treatment.

Here are those eight critical elements every cancer patient should follow:

Spiritual cleansing

Your spirit is one of the most important holistic paradigms, defining your awareness and your overall being. Any stressful events in your life, unresolved conflicts, everything you do in your life leaves a trace on your spirit. With this in mind, all of the negative feelings such as anger, regret, and fear need to be eliminated from your spirit and replaced with optimism, happiness and calmness.

This is not an easy task to behold and it will take quite a bit of experience and practice in areas of meditation, prayer and visualization before you are really able to get a grasp of your spirit’s current condition and means of cleansing it. Sticking with this new protocol is crucial for the process, but with first results showing you will have much less trouble to stick with it. The point of this step is to create a unified, settled and emotional environment inside your body which will battle against cancer by default.

Staying positive

With a positive attitude you can accomplish anything. Many people consider positive attitude to be the root of self-esteem and it definitely has its own worthy place when discussing cancer treatment. Sense of self control is usually the first one to falter when you’re presented with a difficult situation such as cancer diagnosis.

Many books describe this step as extremely important and there is not a single book written by cancer survivors which doesn’t put an emphasis on staying positive throughout your entire journey. With all that said, in terms of holistic strategies, staying positive definitely has an important role here. Every individual has this power, but not everyone has managed to grasp it. It does allow you to make life changing decisions and as long as you are positive, you will be ready to battle whatever falls in front of you.

Changing your lifestyle

Sleep has an extremely important role in daily rejuvenation. It’s important to focus and insist on sleeping in complete dark, which contributes to the level of melatonin, a hormone promoting restful and deep sleep. Try not to eat 3 or more hours before sleep as this deters your body’s focus from healing to digesting the food you’ve just taken in. Generally speaking, the overall value of good night’s sleep must not be overseen.

On the other hand, during the day, you need to stay outdoors, breathe fresh air and get loads of healthy sun exposure. Vitamin D excretion has been closely linked with the amount of sun you’re exposed to and the most important part about it is that it decreases the size of the tumors. The darker your skin is, you need to stay longer out on the sun. However, make sure not to go overboard with this as excessive sun exposure can cause skin burns and generally deteriorate your cancer condition.

With some mild but regular exercise you are accelerating all of the metabolism processes going on inside your body, including toxin elimination. It is important to stay active, keeping your body full of fresh oxygen which builds up your immunity. The body will soon start healing itself, but you need to provide all of the conditions necessary for this to start happening.

Natural chemotherapy methods

Chemotherapy as you might know it is one of the most aggressive means for fighting cancer, but it is also highly efficient. It damages plenty of surrounding healthy tissues, causing permanent consequences for the sake of your survival. However, there are dozens of natural chemotherapy procedures which use vitamin B17 for cancer elimination. This vitamin selectively targets cancer cells, leaving the healthy surrounding tissue as nothing ever happened.

This substance can be found in many natural sources such as apple seeds, almonds, pits etc. You can even purchase these online if you find this method better for yourself, including shark liver oil and melatonin, which all work towards cancer cell elimination.


Tumor cells live from lack of oxygen and some studies even confirmed that if the body is packed with an excess of oxygen, the tumor cells cease to grow. This means that you should oxygenate your body with every method available out there, including a highly alkaline diet which can raise your body’s PH levels, improving oxygen absorption in your cells.

Also, regular exercise and meditation breathing work the same way and can help you in many other, psychological problems. You’d find hospitals using intravenous oxygen injections for such conditions as well – consider this to be an extreme measure of oxygenation.

Immune system strengthening

Your immunological system is there to keep you protected from any malicious substances which can cause abnormal cell growth. Any cell found in your body has the potential of becoming malicious, mutating and spreading the problem. A healthy immunological system will stop this from happening and improving its own efficiency when such occurrence happens. White blood cells possess an intelligence factor which remembers the issue happening before so they are ready to battle it every step of the way in the future.

In order to strengthen up your immune system you can use foods and supplements like nutrient dense foods, chlorella, mushrooms, milk thistle etc.


Any kind of healing needs to include detoxification as the most important step. Elimination of processed foods, substances used for production as well as all environmental toxins one may get filled up with need to find their way out of your body. There are dozens of healing regimes which directly influence your liver, kidneys and colon for removing all of the accumulated and stored toxins.

On the other hand, you can accomplish a similar effect with daily stretching, as this allows for the toxins to exit your tissue. Sauna perspiration is another popular method for detoxification which purges toxins through the skin. This toxic build up can also be released through coffee enemas which prevent the toxins to become absorbed further down the line. It’s important to discuss this topic with a professional if you are looking for quick and easy solutions. It actually takes a couple of days for you to be cleansed entirely, but you will need to use the most advanced methods for detox.

Diet, nutrition and fresh water

Everything you drink, eat or consume in any other possible manner has a significant role and affects your healing process significantly. Therefore, consider this last step to be one of the most important ones, on which you can actually influence a lot.

To start with, all of the industrial, sugary foods tend to feed the cancer and these are usually first ones to be eliminated in a case of cancer healing. Dairy products bought in stores are all heavily processed even though there are no markings to indicate that – another item to stay away from. Generally speaking, all processed foods, coffee, alcohol fall into this category and can definitely falter your entire healing routine so these are to be avoided at all costs.

On the other hand, natural plant foods are rich with nutrients that can help you increase the efficiency of your healing routine. Fruits and vegetables have hundreds of beneficial substances and absolutely none elements which may ruin your routine or decrease its efficiency. Leafy vegetables, broccoli, cabbage, berries, grapes, seeds, garlic, ginger, green tea… the list goes on and on. You need to find a diet which includes as much of these natural elements to really put an emphasis on your healing routine.

Fats are another group of ingredients which may be extremely efficient in aiding your healing routine, but these can also represent a problem, depending what kind of fats you are consuming. Olive oil is considered to be one of the most efficient oils in terms of omega fatty acids which are crucial for rejuvenation and healing up of the tissues that are damaged by the cancer. Stay away from industrial oils and margarine as these are considered to be the most dangerous of the bunch.

Animal protein, even though they are healthy, should also be eliminated, at least if you can’t gain access to all-natural meat. Store bought meat doesn’t guarantee the high quality of the ingredient you are consuming and to start with, you are basically consuming dead meat, which isn’t that rich in energy. Staying fresh with all of your ingredients is what you need to do during this entire process.

Because of all this, a cancer patient should stick 80% and up with a completely raw diet, which will ensure a healthy alkaline environment along with all of the enzymes which are required for the healing process.

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