High cheekbones vs Low cheekbones

Beauty is generally a fairly complex concept to wrap your head around. Usually when you see someone who is “beautiful”, whether this is a person of equal or opposite gender, there are some facial characteristics which have sparked the initial impression to begin with. There are many different theories and approaches towards determining what true beauty is really all about, and between these there is one common denominator – cheekbones.

What’s considered better – high or low?

As a general rule of thought, higher cheekbones are considered to be a property of truly beautiful people. Of course, there is no doubt about beauty being in the eye of the beholder, but when it comes to cheekbones there are some specific guidelines which make it obvious and quite clear that it has a huge role in determining whether someone is beautiful in the theoretical sense or not. Keep in mind that we are discussing the study of beautiful here and we definitely don’t want to put additional pressure if your cheeks are low. We are talking about true, fashion-like, photogenic beauty here in a completely objective sense.

Cheekbones are, in fact, the widest part of the facial structure. With them being high, the overall look of the face has a more distinct, protruding look to it. Because of this, there are more features to the observed face, which makes it more interesting and recognizable. On top of that, shadows play an enormous role here, and with the cheekbones being high, a more obvious shadow is cast on the lower parts of the face, while the upper parts of the cheekbones are highlighted even more.

Why are high cheekbones preferred today?

Actually, high cheekbones have been preferred all the way back to Katherine Hepburn days. She is in fact one of the most famous people with high cheeks and there is no doubt that her perfect symmetrical face has helped her to become one of the beauty icons in the movie industry. In her case, the cheekbones were very high, almost directly below her eyes, which made her cheekbones the highlight of her face and her specific classic beauty.

In terms of men’s beauty, the same applies. When paired with a wide chin stance (the so called “steroid” chin) you can rest assured that a man with such facial bone structure will be on the pretty side.

Can you do something to highlight your cheekbones?

Most beautiful people are those who believe in themselves, carry a smile all the time and care for others. If, by any chance, you don’t have high cheekbones don’t stress about it. You can however improve your look by simulating high cheekbones shadow play by using proper makeup. By highlighting the upper parts of your cheekbones with a light colored powder and under toning the lower parts of your cheekbones you will be able to simulate the effect. This actually works fairly well, since the effect of high cheekbones is extremely subtle in the first place. It’s like you are looking at something that just looks right but you can’t strictly define what it is all about.

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