Healthy Diabetic Recipes

Diabetes limits the variety and amount of food you’re allowed to intake, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you will eat yucky foods. You only need to focus on consuming plenty of groceries which contain slowly absorbing carbohydrates such as potatoes, pasta, rice, fruits, vegetables etc. which will prevent hypoglycemia from happening. Foods which are recommended for people suffering from diabetes are based on equal principles of healthy diet recommended for anyone else and you can safely use any products in which there is no industrial sugar added. Also, all of your beverages should be sugar-free.

Basic guidelines for a diabetic diet

Diabetic patients need to consume at least 130 grams of carbohydrates, as much as possible of omega-3 oily acids and 6 grams of salt at max. Otherwise, a good diet is very similar to any other properly balanced and healthy diet routine which can be applied to everybody.

Carbohydrates should take up for about 50%, fats 20% and proteins about 20% of daily acquired energy from the food. It’s recommended to consume carbohydrates from all kinds of groceries, especially those found in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans and low fat dairy products. With this, it’s important to monitor the intake of carbohydrates, whether by counting carbohydrates per grams or a general assumption based on experience.

Industrial sugar is not entirely excluded from this diet, but there should be no more than 5% of it in daily energy intake percentage and it needs to be blended with another complex meal.

Reduction of fat intake

You should significantly reduce the amount of oils and fats consummation, especially dense fats as food which is lean on these improves your health. Use olive oil, as it’s highly beneficial for your health and condition. Also, oils are considered to be the highest calorific foods out there so if you need to lose weight you may need to focus solely on consuming healthy fats with no exception. Other than olive oil, you can consume nuts such as almonds but be careful about how much of these you’re eating.

Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables

You need to eat as much of fruits and vegetables as you can. Try to eat at least five pieces of fruit on a daily basis which will ensure that you have enough of vitamins, fibers and minerals, which are all important for creating a balanced diet. You can combine these with vegetables as well, especially in salads as these are packed with all of those healthy nutrients you so desperately need in order to keep your diabetes under control, as well as your overall health.

Limit your alcohol consummation

You should consume alcohol in limited amounts. Percentage of alcohol in beverages is slowly but steadily rising and it is known to be a generally bad ingredient. It also comes in with a lot of empty calories so if you’re losing weight you might want to completely avoid it as it will definitely ruin your balanced routine.

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