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HCG diet is pretty extreme when it comes to the way of executing the weight loss, mainly because you’re supposed to stick with a 500 calorie per day limit. It’s necessary to create your own hcg diet food list which will help you to keep up with your daily necessities in terms of nutrients and other ingredients you need to keep your health on a decent level. Basically, you can use these foods for all low calorie diets, so even if you are not currently following the HCG Diet routine, feel free to try these out.

Calculating calorie intake

Calories represent an energy quotient of food – every type of food has its own specific calorie assumption, some of which even have negative calories. Let’s take a look at some of the typical ingredients you probably won’t have troubles finding that can be used during the HCG diet without thinking twice.

It’s easier to do this if you split your groceries into groups. For starters, we have fruits, where it’s recommended to consume apples, grapefruits, oranges or strawberries. Either of these fruits does not surpass 100 calories, the best being strawberries at about 40 calories for 10 pieces. When it comes to vegetables, things are a bit lighter. You can consume anything from asparagus, cabbage, celery, cucumbers, fennels, lettuce, onion and the list goes on and on. It’s easy to get stuffed with vegetables and still consume up to 50 calories. For an example, 10 medium spears of asparagus are rated at only 30 calories. One medium sized cucumber is worth 45 calories, an onion is rated at around 32. It’s easy to combine these together and still be way below your 500 calories per day limitation.

Meat is a bit tricky. The biggest problem about this is that you need to carefully prepare your meat before consuming it. To start with, remove all excess fat from the meat itself and focus on eating lean chicken or turkey meat since this offers the best ratio in calorie/protein intake, and it’s cheap as well! One regular sized chicken breast is estimated at 110 calories and will supply you with just enough proteins for that meal. Lobster is great as well, even though quite expensive. Once you isolate all the eatable meat from a medium sized lobster, you’re looking at 90 calories worth of pure protein.

Combining these is the easiest part, as long as you know the approximate amount of calories you’re eating. You can safely consume 50-100 calories more than the limit and always try to be beyond the 500 calories edge, as this is the minimum healthy amount of calories you should be taking in a short period of time. Depending on the freshness, size and quality of the ingredients you get, the calorific value will change so don’t stick with this hcg diet food list without any tolerance because this is still just an approximate summary of calorific values, providing you with an overview on which you can rely on.

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