Guided Biofilm Therapy: All You Need to Know About This Innovative Technology

Dental biofilm or plaque is considered one of the main causes of cavities, peri-implantitis, gum disease, and tooth decay. Guided biofilm therapy is a non-invasive and painless method of removing dental biofilm using state of the art PERIOFLOW®, PIEZON®, and AIRFLOW® technologies.

Guided biofilm therapy is an 8-step process that involves cleaning the teeth and removing plaque. The traditional method of biofilm management involves the use of brushes, rubber cups, and ultrasonic scaler tips. Thanks to modern advancements, we now have Airflow technology to remove biofilm gently and more effectively.

Guided Biofilm Therapy: The 8-Step Process

  • Assess: Guided biofilm therapy begins with an oral assessment. Your dentist will look for signs of cavities, gum disease and gingivitis. For those with dental restorations like dental implants, the dentist will also look for any signs of peri-implantitis.
  • Disclose: Biofilm or plaque is made visible using an EMS Biofilm Discloser. An EMS Biofilm Discloser is a purple colored substance. It stains the areas where biofilm is present. This makes it a lot easier for dentists to spot and remove plaque. Thorough removal of the plaque will allow better visibility of the underlying tartar buildup.
  • Motivate: Once the plaque has been disclosed (stained), the dentist will conduct oral hygiene coaching. They will also teach patients how to use different dental aids like interdental brushes and floss to help you maintain your oral hygiene at home.
  • Airflow: A special powder and air polisher will be used to remove plaque buildup on the teeth and the surrounding tissues. This powder will also help remove stains and discolorations. It is safe to use on both natural and artificial teeth, including dental implants.
  • Perioflow: A Perioflow nozzle uses powder and a stream of water to clean areas underneath the gumline that cannot be reached with the Airflow.
  • Piezon PS: To complete the physical part of the treatment, tartar is removed using Piezon Scaling. This procedure has an impressive 95% efficiency. This pain-free scaling method can also prevent damage to crowns, implants, and other restorations.

Implants are cleaned with specially-coated PEEK ultrasonic tips that will not damage the titanium surface.

  • Check: Your dentist will make sure all the tartar and plaque are thoroughly removed from the mouth. A protective fluoride gel may also be applied to the teeth after.
  • Recall: Patients are be advised to return for routine visits. This allows continuous monitoring of your oral health, so that early problems can be managed.

The Benefits of Guided Biofilm Therapy

Guided biofilm therapy is also considered as one of the most modern approaches to dentistry. Guided biofilm therapy offers many benefits.

  • Guided biofilm therapy is a child-friendly treatment
  • Guided biofilm therapy is a non-invasive procedure
  • Guided biofilm therapy is effective and comfortable
  • Guided biofilm therapy has very minimal treatment time
  • Guided biofilm therapy is non-abrasive
  • Guided biofilm therapy won’t damage veneers, crowns, dental implants, and other tooth restorations
  • Guided biofilm therapy is pain-free
  • Guided biofilm therapy is safe
  • Guided biofilm therapy helps prevent cavities
  • Guided biofilm therapy can help preserve the health of your teeth and mouth