GM Diet Plan

The diet program I’ll be discussing here was actually thought up for General Motors employees and was initially meant to be used by them exclusively. By now, the gm diet plan has proven its value and has quickly found its way to general public, which is now able to make use of it for personal benefits. The results were all confirmed and tested in laboratories, which adds up to the value of this program, as there is an obvious value to it. This diet predicts a weight loss of about 10-20 pounds per week. Due to the intensity of the program, you will experience a lot of emotional and physical changes, mostly towards the positive side; at least once you’re nearing the end of your cycle. The idea behind this program focuses on consummation of foods which will actually waste more calories burning up than leaving over to your body. As it is with all other successful diet programs, this one as well has been divided into a couple of stages, the first one being purification. In this phase, your organism will be cleansed out of toxins which will give you a nice feeling of being light and feeling well.

GM Diet Program

Before I continue with more details of this routine, it’s important to know that you’re supposed to drink at least 12 glasses of water each day, as this will help and enhance the purification effect. You also need to stay away from alcohol completely, which is something a lot of people are having issues with. Alcohol contains a lot of sugar, which is a known enemy to any diet routine.

The first day of the diet – you can eat all fruits besides bananas. Watery fruits are most recommended, such as watermelons. Due to the high percentage of water in watermelons, you might decrease your water intake down to 8 glasses for this first day, but this only applies if you eat watermelons; with any other fruit you should stick with 10 glasses minimum. On the second day of your diet you should focus on eating only vegetables. Consume as much of your favorite vegetables as you can and feel free to stuff yourself up completely. Try to use freshest vegetables available, eating them in raw form, without too much thermal preparation.

For the third day, you can mix up your favorite vegetables and fruits, however you shouldn’t eat bananas yet, which are meant to be consumed in the fourth day. This is my personal favorite day as you can consume milk and bananas – this is basically the recipe for a nice, sweet shake. Fifth day is designed as a relief day; you should eat meat and plenty of tomatoes as side dish. If you can’t afford or find fresh beef, you can use frozen hamburgers. Sixth day is again focused on meat, but this time with general vegetables as your side dish. Stuff yourself up freely with vegetables, but use common sense with your meat amount. For the seventh and final day, you should consume rice, juiced made of fresh fruit along with any amount of vegetables you desire.

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