Get Rid Of Hyperpigmentation With Cosmelan®

Pigmentation is not a pleasurable experience. We just want it to go, whether it’s caking on concealer to try to cover it or wanting to accept it wholeheartedly (which we never do).

Imagine cleansing your skin first thing in the morning to expose new, smooth skin. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Simply moisturize, apply mascara, and you’re finished. It may seem to be too good to be true, but it isn’t.

If you have pigmentation, whether it’s hormonal or a lovely gift from the sun, I’m guessing your morning routine isn’t quite so easy. Am I correct? Ok, I’m overjoyed to announce that there is now a solution…

Say good morning, and welcome Cosmelan!

What Actually Is Cosmelan?

Dark spots and hyperpigmentation, especially on the face, can be treated with Cosmelan. When we get older, these discolorations become an aesthetic problem for the majority of us.

Return the skin to its natural colour rather than coating it with heavy makeup, the Cosmelan depigmentation procedure, which originated in Spain, is enormously beneficial.The treatment softens and minimizes pores by targeting pigmentation and melasma.

Cosmelan is a non-invasive, natural way to boost your skin tone. The procedure produces incredible results which no treatment can match. It works well with all forms of melasma.

The procedure is simple and convenient, also the product is suitable for use on all skin types. The skin is rejuvenated and collagen is increased as a result of the light peeling effect.

Treatments may be started and used at any time of the year. As a perk,it’s also effective for acne sufferers.

Benefits Of Cosmelan Peel

It can be difficult to select the right chemical peel with so many options – that’s where our skincare experts at Dansys can help. Cosmelan peels are suitable for all skin types and tones. It is non-irritating to the skin and has few side effects. Cosmelan peels may be used on the face as well as other parts of the body.

This powerful treatment is one of the most successful, gentle, skin-rejuvenating treatments available – and you deserve nothing but the best.

Cosmelanis usually well-tolerated and has few side effects. You’ll see results in about a week, and they’ll continue to develop for up to five weeks after the peel.

You’ll experience a healthier glow and a lighter, more even skin tone that can last for months.

Points To Know While Using Cosmelan

# 1:The Cosmelan Mask, a specially formulated pigment-reduction activating mask, is added to the skin and left on for 8-10 hours. This is largely based on the amount of pigmentation present as well as your skin’s sensitivity. The continuous “wearing” of the mask is crucial to eliciting the quickest response.

# 2:You can remove the mask after the formation and action time have passed. Hydroquinone and retinoic acid are two ingredients in Cosmelan that have a strong anti-aging effect. The pigmentation cycle is slowed by hydroquinone, while retinoic acid promotes rapid cell turnover.

#3:This aids in the removal of brown patches and discoloration more rapidly. The combination of ingredients is an outstanding formula that has been shown to provide superior pigment removal and suppression.

#4:Your At-Home Cosmelan Program will consist of active-ingredient items that you will use on a regular basis to help with pigmentation issues and avoid the production of excess pigment.

#5:Cosmelan II, your repair cream, can be used regularly. This unique pigment management cream includes Kojic Acid, Phytic Acid, Ascorbic Acid, and Titanium Dioxide as a defensive agent.

#6:The action mechanism of Cosmelan® Depigmentation is based on the inhibition of tyrosinase, a specific enzyme involved in the melanin formation process. Several of the Cosmelan formula’s ingredients work by inhibiting this enzyme.

Reason To Choose Cosmelan Over Other Methods

For tiny, specific areas of discoloration, lasers and other skin treatments are best. Larger blotchy areas or widespread hyperpigmentation, on the other hand, benefit from an all-over procedure.

Chemical peels are also one of the easiest ways to expose virgin, untouched, youthful skin by removing the dull, discoloured top layer of your skin.To effectively even your skin tone, the Cosmelan peel is the perfect combination of soothing formula and deep care.

What To Expect After Treatment

Patients will be seeing blemishes on their skin starting to disappear after a week, and a brighter complexion emerges. The skin will take on a shinier, healthier look after a few weeks.

The full benefits of a Cosmelan Peel will be visible after the fourth or fifth week when the results will begin to improve.

The smooth effects of the Cosmelan Peel will last for several months for patients who stick to a regular routine. The skin will be fragile and vulnerable for the first two weeks after treatment, so it is advisable to avoid excessive sun exposure and always wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen.

Cosmelan is the perfect peel for high pigmentation and melasma, according to our experienced professionals at Dansys. It corrects Melanin overproduction and prevents the emergence of new dark spots.

The patient’s commitment to the therapy has a significant impact on the long-term effects of Cosmelan.

The Bottom Line

There is no doubt that this procedure involves downtime; hence, you should schedule your social calendar accordingly.

Light to intense peeling, redness, sensitivity and slight swelling will occur over the next 2-7 days. This peeling will last for up to two weeks after treatment.

If pigmentation is a challenge for you, this small amount of downtime is well worth it to the impressive results!

Does this sound appealing to you? Contact Dansys for a thorough consultation and let’s finally get rid of the stubborn pigmentation!

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