General Kidney Problems Symptoms

5% of population will develop a kidney related condition at some point in their lives. Chances are even higher for diagnosis of a chronic kidney disease. Kidney condition is of vital importance for the overall health condition, as well as a long and healthy life.

Kidneys are located on both sides of the lower back, right below the ribs. Their function is to remove any deposits and impurities from the blood, filtering it out and controlling the level of fluid inside the body. When the kidneys get overloaded with toxins, a kidney disease may develop, possibly affecting the bladder as well. People carrying the higher risk of developing some type of a kidney disease are people suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure or a genetic predisposition. Men usually carry a significantly higher risk to develop a chronic kidney condition, much more common than women.

Some of the most common kidney problems symptoms are as follows:

  • Pain in the lower back
  • Swelling around the eyes, face, legs and ankles
  • Urine blood
  • Pain and burning during urination
  • A need to go more often to the bathroom

If the kidneys are normal and healthy, they don’t require any special care. A healthy, balanced diet and adequate intake of water are enough to keep your kidneys at a healthy condition. However, if you’re feeling or experiencing any of the above mentioned symptoms, you may want to follow some of the following advices.

Reduce meat consumption

A diet rich with animal protein can lead to kidney stones developing. Meat creates urinary acid after it has been digested, which is the basic ingredient of kidney stones.

Reduce salt intake

An excess of salt in the body leads towards abnormal calcium deposits in the blood which can also create kidney stones. Sodium in the salt can increase blood pressure so that the person suffering with a chronic kidney disease limits the salt intake. Sodium is important but can cause damage if consumed excessively.

Stop smoking

If you’re smoking, you really need to stop. Smoking not only increases the chance of a kidney disease, yet it supports strokes and heart attacks with people who are diagnosed with a chronic kidney disease.

Stay physically active

Exercise is an important element of an optimal kidney health. Physical activity is great for your kidney health as well as your entire body, as the blood will rush more efficiently through every single vital part, supplying enough oxygen, nutrients and all the other requirements. However, you should avoid excessive workouts if you already have some type of a kidney problem.

All of these advices will significantly help patients who are dealing with kidney issues, but these are also fairly useful for anybody as they simply follow simple and healthy living practices. For anyone interested in keeping their health at a high level, the above mentioned advices are to be considered with high care.

For any other advices and recommendations for kidney disease treatment, you will need to go through diagnosis first so that the doctors can establish a proper and individual treatment procedure.

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