Few Common HIV symptoms in Men

Suffering from HIV can be one of the worst nightmares of an individual. Some people infected with this virus because they are highly casual while others due to their ignorance have to suffer from this problem. If you have had unprotected sex or shared needles/blades of an individual who is already suffering from this disease, then you are likely to get infected. HIV symptoms in men tend to vary, but if you are aware of the pattern, then you can detect the presence of the virus in your body.

Following are HIV symptoms in men:

Fever: Within 2-6 weeks of getting infected from the virus, you will start noticing the first signs. Fever is generally the most common symptom of this disease. You would feel feverish soon after you’re infected to this virus. Initially, the fever is mild and people tend to ignore it by taking over-the-counter tablets. However, as the time passes, things start to deteriorate. Body temperature keeps on fluctuating. During morning hours, the body temperature would be normal, but as the day progresses, the body’s temperate rises up to 103 degrees.

Headache: It has been commonly seen that people infected with this virus notice mild fever and headache. These headaches would be similar to headaches you would have experienced when you were not infected from the virus.

Swollen Glands: An individual suffering from this disease would be having swelling on his lymph nodes. He can even notice inflammation in these nodes. You can find swelling in his armpit, groin or neck. It is interesting to note that these swellings or inflammation wouldn’t cause any pain. The person suffering this disease can carry on with his routine despite these initial symptoms. If you notice these symptoms, then you need to get yourself checked. Various other diseases have similar symptoms, so it is essential for you to not confuse with diseases.

Fatigue: Those suffering from this disease, experience dramatic change in their energy levels. They lose their stamina at a fast pace without any particular reason. Exercise can certainly leave us tired, but irony of those suffering from HIV is that they lose stamina despite doing anything. In other words, they might be completely tired despite not moving an inch from their bed. As the days progress, the situation tends to worsen, and then it’s no more about these small symptoms.

Rash: Another one of the most common HIV symptoms in men are rashes. These rashes appear just like any other common rash which an individual might on any given day. These rashes will leave your skin rough and discolored. These rashes would fade away after a week, but they certainly are symptoms of HIV. You should get yourself checked, if you notice these rashes. The very thought of suffering for HIV can be spine chilling experience, but you should avoid these thoughts and go for a checkup. Early detection is very important for dealing with this virus. And, if the results happen to be negative, then all the doubts can be removed and you can live a normal life.

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