Famous Celebrities with HIV

HIV is a retrovirus which causes earned syndrome of immunodeficiency, known as AIDS. HIV is classified as lent virus, which is one of the three families of retroviruses. These are slow viruses, meaning that they spend a long time in the host and bringing a slow progression toward death.

We know of three different transmission methods:

  • Sexual transmission – the virus is transmitted via unprotected sexual intercourse with a partner who is infected. It can be transmitted over blood, sperm and vaginal secrete.
  • Blood and blood derivatives – intravenous drug addicts represent the next big group of people infected with HIV. Hemophilia patients also represent a risk group as they can be infected through factor VIII coagulation.
  • Vertical transmission – percentage of virus transmission from mother to her child is about 15% in Europe and about 50% in Africa.

Today we’ll take a look at some of the most famous people who have been dealing with or are still dealing with HIV.

Earvin “Magic” Johnson

Johnson’s diagnosis has helped people to understand that HIV isn’t only transmittable over unprotected sexual intercourse which was all over homosexual communities. Earvin has since then become a representative of HIV prevention and has held numerous events about safe sexual intercourse and tis importance. He retired his basketball career back in 1996.

He had a major role in South Park, where he was one of the characters who had HIV for a while without ever catching AIDS – with the explanation being that he “sleeps with his money”.

mercuryFreddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury was a famous singer of rock band Queen, passed away in 1991. He was diagnosed with AIDS in 1987 and he managed to keep the diagnosis hidden from the public and a couple of days before his passing he announced that he is fighting against AIDS.

He left a permanent mark in 70’s rock with one of most recognizable vocals in the business.


Rock Hudson

Rock Hudson was an American actor, passed away in 1985, being diagnosed with HIV in 1984. His death from HIV had a notable impact and importance on the overall funding provided to the foundations dealing with this illness as it has been finally recognized as a real general health issue.

hairingKeith Haring

Keith Haring was a famous American-born artist, being diagnosed with AIDS in 1988. Tina Chow was suspected to have acquired AIDS from Keith, as she was one of the first heterosexual women ever to be diagnosed with AIDS. Haring passed away in 1990 from AIDS and complications it comes with – he was 31 years old at the time. He managed to leave quite an impression in the arts being as young as he had a brave and original style.


Liberace was one of the most famous and wealthiest entertainers from in the 1960s. He was diagnosed with HIV in 1986, being hospitalized one year later with anemia symptoms. He passed away a month afterwards, with reasons yet to be discovered. Autopsy revealed that he was in fact infected with the HIV.

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