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JessicaAlbaHerpes comes in many different forms and in all cases it’s quite a nuisance. Imagine if you were a celebrity and you had to deal with herpes on a daily basis, trying to cover it up since it does tell a little bit about you. There is a lot of female celebrities with herpes at this point so we decided to give you a closer look at who these celebrities are and how did they acquire their herpes condition.

We’ll start with Jessica Alba, one of the most desirable female actresses of the modern age. She is also known to be in a relationship with Derek Jeter, who may be the one responsible for her herpes infection. Jessica is currently worth about $18M which is a significant wealth to own.

Janet Jackson has been discovered while ordering a lot of prescription based anti-herpes medicines. At this point she is worth $150M, putting her amongst the wealthiest women actresses and women in general in the world. She is also 42 years of age which makes her the oldest celebrity on this list.

Paris Hilton is worth about $12M and she’s always linked to scandals of some sort. Known for her wild parties, it’s no wonder that she is easily linked with herpes as well. She was caught in several occasions ordering Valtrex, a medicine used for advanced genital herpes treatment.

 Pamela Anderson is probably one of the most famous female actresses on this list and we know that she is dealing with Hepatitis C as well. At 40 years of age she is as fit and healthy as she was in her twenties. Still, age is leaving a mark on her appearance so she can’t rely on her looks alone to acquire more wealth. Not that she needs to either as she is worth about $75M.

Lindsay Lohan is another female celebrity known for her wild partying. With a significant but minor wealth of about $7M she still manages to have a lot of fun in her life, perhaps too much as she is currently in alcohol rehabilitation clinics trying to get her life under control.

Janet Jackson

Britney Spears is definitely one of the most troubling female celebrities of our age as she has been through a lot. Nowadays she is definitely making some progress towards starting a new positive life, and the $80M she currently has in the bank that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Drug addiction and wild parties have left her mark in terms of herpes as well.

Kristanna Loken isn’t the wealthiest celebrity out there but she definitely did attract a lot of attention. She had the role of female terminator in the third installment of Terminator movie series. Due to the movie star lifestyle she has made statements about having sexual intercourses with men and women and this usually doesn’t help with your herpes infections. With her wealth of about $3M she definitely has enough resources to change her life around.

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