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Eye Cancer Symptoms

Eye tumors can be caused primarily or via metastasis. This means that they can be either caused with a cancer inside or outside the eye as well as influenced by a different cancer somewhere in the body. If the eye cancer is caused by metastasis, this usually roots from breast or lung cancer. Less often we will find cancers of the prostate, kidneys, skin and other leucosis.

Types of Eye Cancer

Tumors of the eye and the eye cavity can be benign like a deride cist or malicious. Retinoblastoma is one of the most dangerous types of eye cancer. Most common one is the so called base cellular cancer or basalioma. Even though this is a histological cancer, it doesn’t dispatch metastasis and it even doesn’t spread into the environment as it’s extremely slow with its growth. Eye localization is usually characteristic for other squamous cancer like malicious melanoma.

Most common tumor which infects the interior of the eye with grownups is the uveal melanoma. It can happen on any part – choroid, iris or ciliary body. Retinoblastoma is most common with children and in case it’s diagnosed early, there is a 95% chance of a full recovery. Besides retinoblastoma, children often get medulla epiteliom, which focuses on choroid and the iris.

Most of these types of eye cancers are diagnosed by biopsy, histopathology test and immunohistochemistry analysis, and the treatment are usually done with chemotherapy and/or radiation. Orbital deride cists are benign creations which are most commonly found on bone joints, usually where the forehead bone and jaw bone connect together. They can put additional pressure onto the surrounding structures such as muscles or the optical nerve, causing interference and even damaging the sight completely.

Common Symptoms

In the early stages most common eye cancer symptoms aren’t really noticeable – they tend to be asymptomatic. This means that the patient will not know anything about the melanoma being developed and can only be discovered on an eye exam. As the tumor grows, symptoms like reduction of sight, double vision, complete loss of sight can happen. Sometimes it’s even possible to see the tumor through the iris.

More rare symptoms include lumps and small round marks on the body of the eye which are caused by lack of circulation due to the tumor cell acting as a parasite. Eye is usually painful to the touch and intensively red. It may occur on one or both eyes so there is no rule about its localization. Some people have discovered this condition as the reflection of one iris on the photograph was red while the other one had no reflection, which means that there is something obstructing the way for light to completely pass through to the back.

Eyes are really sensitive so make sure to take a good look at your eyes if you’re experiencing some unusual pain or sensation as you might have a foreign body growing inside – if this is the case, visit your doctor as soon as possible to increase your chances of full recovery.

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