Everything you need to know About Food Processing Equipment

Producing and processing food is a vast field that includes many crucial stages. There are a series of steps that you need to follow religiously. The thing about food processing is that it is a fragile item. Any minor negligence can have drastic impacts on your products. You have to make sure that all the steps are correct and you are not neglecting any detail.

Know that food processing is a sizeable platform. It includes packaging, storage, and handling. Handling all the food with care will enhance the shelf life of the product. In food processing, the workers use many of the top-notch equipment. Using these pieces of equipment, you can speed up the working process and complete the task with almost little chance of error. With these pieces of processing equipment, you can take care of hygienic standards. All things require different resources. Many products require dry places and other products demand modular cold rooms as storage. Other than the storage place, you require quality processing equipment. Below is a list of all the pieces of processing equipment that you need.

The list of processing equipment is into several categories. These categories range from preparation, storage, handling, preservation, and packaging.

Preparation equipment

The pieces of preparation equipment are those which you use during the initial stage of food. Mostly you have to use them in the preparation of raw food. There are many types of equipment you can use in this process. Washing machines, separators, sterilizers, utensil cleaners, and many more fall in this category. These machines help you clean the raw material and let you prepare it for the final product. In this group, you need to clean, cut, and sort the raw materials for the second stage of food processing.

Mechanical processing equipment

The second piece of equipment we need in food processing is mechanical processing equipment. As shown by the name, you can use mechanical equipment to change the size and visual form of the food. You can make the food solid, liquid, or semi-liquid in this phase. You can also use these pieces of equipment to change the size of the food. The machines in this list are grinders, choppers, crushers, strainers, slicing, bread molders, biscuit formers, mixers, and many more. It is the advanced step from the preparation.

Heat processing equipment

Now, it is time to process the food by using heating equipment. At this stage, you need to take the processed raw materials and let the cooking start. In this group, you put all your baking, cooking, grilling, blanchers, ovens, and fertilizers. Make sure to be careful regarding the appropriate temperature. Ensure to not cook at high flame or temperature as it can ruin the texture of food.

Preservation equipment

These pieces of equipment come after the heating equipment. In these machines, you process the food items and take measures for storage. We can use these machines to stop or limit the growth of bacteria within the food.

Packaging equipment

The last piece of equipment in the list of food processing is packaging equipment. Several types of food packaging involve bottles, jars, boxes, and cans. You also require printers so that you can display the logo and information regarding the product.