Effective Remedies for sore throat

Sore throat is a very common problem. Every now and then, you can find someone suffering from this problem. There are various drugs available in the market. They have reputation of curing the sore throat within hours. But, why do we need to stuff chemicals in order to get rid of irritating cold? Over-the-counter medicines are well-known for their quick solution to the problem, but there are far better remedies of sore throat. Following are some of these remedies:

Raw Garlic: It is one of the best cures for treating sore throat. You would have to ensure buying it fresh and eat while it is raw. There are various benefits of garlic which are killed when it’s added to the meal but you can avail these benefits if you eat it raw. You can eat it along with green vegetables. There are various other ways of eating if you don’t like its taste.

Oil of Oregano: It is considered as one of the most potent nature’s gift to man for tackling bacteria and viruses. They have been used since last many centuries for medicinal purposes. You can get them in medical stores in small containers. You would have to apply this throat externally on the throat in order to treat the sore throat, so there would no problem of taste like garlic.

Vitamin D: It is rare to see people suffering sore throat in summer season or state where the temperature is hot and humid. The reason for this is because sore throat is prevalent commonly in winter season or cold states. One of the reasons people suffer from sore throat is because they lack vitamin D in their body. It is essential for you intake required amount of natural vitamin D as and when you notice initial symptoms of sore throat. You can go out in the sun and enjoy its warmth. This is certainly going to cure from sore throat.

Avoid Meat:

If you wish to get rid of sore throat then you would have to avoid eating quite a few things which includes mean, dairy products having artificial sugar. It will be a short-term sacrifice, but by doing so you can heal your sore throat.


If you are looking out natural methods for treating sore throat, then should not miss honey. It is believed that honey is the quickest when it comes to healing sore throat. If you are regularly consuming honey along with your diet, then you can maintain a healthy body. There are other creative ways of dealing with sore throat such as organic tea, ginger tea mixed with cinnamon powder.

Anti-inflammatory food:

You should add anti-inflammatory food items, herbs or other natural products in your diet. Mix basil leaves in your tea and drink it twice a day. It is one of the best remedies for sore throat. Apart from this, turmeric is also helpful in dealing with this problem. Once you have tried out these food products, then you should try focusing on your health with far more seriousness. Focus on your diet and overall health, and you will see sore throat even before you realize.

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