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Diet initially created by Dr. Pierre Dukan, a French doctor with over 30 years of experience, has been very popular in the last couple of years, probably because of a decent number of celebrities trying it out. There were also about 19 books written about it, as well as a dedicated website where you can get your own dukan diet plan very easily. The diet is really well supported all around the Internet, so it’s easy to track down other people who have been following it, to learn more about their experiences and possible drawbacks. Whatever the case might be, I’ve decided to share my own personal view about this diet. I am really satisfied with the results and I think this is one of the most balanced diet programs out there. It’s divided into four phases, one closely following the other. Every phase has exact instructions that need to be followed all the way through. In general, this is a high protein diet which leads you towards consuming more carbohydrates towards the end. A lot of people compare this diet with Atkinson’s diet, but other than high protein intake, there are no other similarities.

Principles of the dukan diet

In the first phase of the diet you are not allowed to intake any carbohydrates or fatty foods, which is why the protein meal choice is rather strict. Proteins are the most important building material of your body and as every other nutrient it needs to be dissolved into building units – amino acids. This process takes a lot more energy than dissolving fats or carbohydrates. Practically, this means that after a high protein meal you will be satisfied and your body will spend more energy in order to dissolve all of the proteins into amino acids.

Let’s take a look at the four phases of this diet:

First phase is the phase of attack. It consists only of protein meals, a list of which you can get on the website. Depending on your age and physical shape, this does vary a bit, but there is always a degree of choice, so you can basically choose the foods you’d prefer to eat during this phase. It lasts up to 10 days, not more – the number of days for this first phase depends on how much weight you need to lose.

The second phase is crucial – this is where you toss in vegetables into your diet, also strictly recommended.

Third phase envelopes fruit into your dieting program, as well as additional vegetables. For every kilogram you lose, you’re supposed to stick inside this phase for 10 days. For an example, if you have lost 3 kilograms, you’re recommended to stay in third phase for 30 days.

The fourth and final phase is designed to stabilize your diet. Carbohydrates are finally added to the program and you’re allowed to eat two major meals per week, along with one pure protein day. Physical activity is required, and the most important part – this phase should last as long as possible.

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