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Dog Eye Infection

Eye conditions are a common reason for one to visit the veterinarian since these are easily noticed and are always a reason for concern as well. Understanding the symptoms of these infections is important and this is why you need to consult your vet if you notice some of the following symptoms that might indicate a dog eye infection:

  • Glimmers
  • Discharge and turbidity
  • Redness or inflammation
  • Visible haw
  • Tearing
  • Deeply involved eyeball
  • Scabs or inflammation of the eye
  • Decrease or loss of vision

Injuries of the Iris

An eye injury caused by a fight or accident is the most common reason of blindness, especially with those dogs that have a short snout such as Pekingese. These dogs have their eyes shallowly rooted which can easily cause an injury in case of a direct contact. Damage to the iris which is the outside part of an eye can cause swelling and ends up with muted eyesight. Vet can clean the eyes and treat them with proper antibiotics but in severe cases a surgical procedure might be necessary. Cataract is basically the loss of transparency in a small part or the entire lens and it’s the second most common reason for blindness. Cataract in one eye can be caused by a mechanical injury but if it appears on both eyes, it’s probably caused by diabetes or genetic predisposition. This can be surgically removed but only when it causes complete blindness and there is no degeneration of the retina. Careful raise is the only possible mean of reducing the risk for a dog to be diagnosed with cataract. This condition might not be fully developed up until the dog reaches six years of age so it’s important to check this before mating. With young dogs the eye lens is clear and flexible but with ages it becomes hard, brittle and gray and might look like cataract. This is a natural change known as sclerosis and it doesn’t require treatment.

Other Eye Conditions

If the dog has troubles generating tears a “dry eye” might occur, which is an infective condition. Immunological disease is the most common reason for this, especially with terriers. Eyes tend to lose their spark and purulent conjunctivitis usually follows. This disease reacts well to cyclosporine ointment. Iris and the front shell of the eye can be infected with various diseases like leptospirosis. The iris of the infected dog inflames, eye gets red generally, dog tends to keep his eyes closed to avoid light and too many tears are generated. In more difficult cases blindness may occur, while the therapy is based on antibiotics and corticosteroids. It’s important to diagnose this condition in time, as this can dramatically improve your dog’s chances of experiencing 100% recovery. The more time you waste more difficult will it be for the vet to quickly and efficiently assess the condition. Proper hygiene and care can be invaluable tools for this as well since your dog might be sniffing somewhere he shouldn’t, and this can cause infections easily.

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