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Does Yeast Infection in Men exist?

I noticed that there are lots of people who think that yeast infection is a condition exclusive only to women; however, it’s important to realize that this is a condition which can occur with both sexes. Heterosexual couples can pass infections back and forth so it’s important to understand what does this infection carry, how is it treatable, and most importantly, what causes it. To help you learn more about yeast infection in men and in general, I decided to write this short article in which I will cover most of the basic aspects of this condition.

Causes of yeast infection in men

Sexual transmission is one of the most common causes of yeast infection to happen to men. Unfortunately, this is not the only way you can get infected; prolonged antibiotic therapies tend to mess about with your natural defensive systems, which make you far more vulnerable to new infections. Because of this, the yeast infective particles have their way opened and the whole ordeal can end up with a full blown yeast infection. Candida is the main cause of yeast infection to be transferred via sexual contact and this has proven to be one of the most successful ways to get this infection. Antibiotic therapy, when taken part in for too long, tends to cause a whole bunch of other health related issues so it’s important to check on your immune system to see if your therapy does make sense. The last thing you want to do is to eliminate your natural defensive system, as it is the most prominent one in a long shot. Low hygiene levels are definitely a helping factor in development of yeast infection, especially with men who are diagnosed with diabetes as well. The increase sugar levels in the urine help to create a great growing area where yeast infection can take place. The usual place for this to happen is in the crotch area, as all of the aspects are covered. Humidity is high, as well as temperature, so it all sums up to be one great area for yeast infection to occur, in pair with many others.

Symptoms of yeast infection in men

Usual symptoms include severe itchiness and redness of the shaft of the penis, as well as the right top of it. Some discharges are to be found, but rarely this is the case. If there is a discharge, the infection has taken its way forward and infected some of the internal parts of your reproductive systems, so it’s a definite sign that you need immediate treatment. Since penis is in fact a bunch of nerve endings stacked together, sensation can be dramatically increased. This means that the pain experienced with men who are suffering from yeast infection can be excruciating. The pain can get so intense that the patients seek medical help just to decrease the pain they are feeling. Looking past these symptoms is the worst thing you can do, and if you do experience any of these symptoms, make sure you arrange a meeting with your physician so that you can start your treatment as soon as possible, as postponing your therapy will only make it worse for you, and can severely affect the outcome of your therapy.

Treatment of yeast infection

Specific therapies are to be taken in order to experience a full blown treatment. Usually, these therapies do carry side effects like dizziness or exhaustion, but you need to take these in order to make sure the yeast infection goes away as planned. The more aggressive your therapy is, the sooner you will deal with it, but you should also expect severe side effects.

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