Difficulties Faced During Natural Pregnancy

Headaches, insomnias, heartburns – this is just a small part of problems a pregnant woman might experience and it’s important to deal with these problems in the right way. Even though the biggest number of homeopathic preparations are safe, while you’re pregnant you simply don’t have the luxury of experimenting with different medications that would help you deal with your pregnancy symptoms. In this article you will learn how to deal with most of these in a proper, natural and safe way. If you focus on having a completely natural pregnancy, there is no telling how much of a positive effect you will get on your baby’s health in this early and delicate phase.

Getting Rid of Nausea

Nausea is one of the first regular symptoms of a pregnancy, which can last up to 12 weeks after you’ve gotten pregnant. Until this time comes, you can use mint tea and drink a couple of sips before you get up in the morning. Over day you can help yourself by nibbling on freshly chopped vegetables like carrots and cucumbers, integral cookies, pumpkin seeds or toast. Traditional Chinese medicine recommends eating ginger root in this situation, which has also proven to be quite an effective way of dealing with it.


It’s normal to feel despondent or depressed during your pregnancy; if you are really suffering with it, you can try scent therapy. For an example, mixing scent oils like angelica, rose, rosewood or cedar definitely does help you get over some of your worst despondency periods.

Low Blood Pressure

If your blood pressure is low by default, during pregnancy it will get even lower. Antidote for this is to walk and do as much of mild physical activity you can in fresh air, with acupuncture being the second best method of treatment.


Seven out of ten pregnant women are suffering from insomnia. By mixing a tea with calming active substances like hops and lemon balm which you can buy in pharmacies you will heal yourself from insomnia very quickly. It’s also recommended to try polishing poppy tea, by taking one large spoon of its dry leaves, covering all that with ¾L of hot water. Pockets of lavender around your bed can also help calm your senses and mind at night, soothing you into a calm dream.


If you experience a headache caused by tension, you can use lavender to reduce its intensity by simply rubbing a couple of drops on your forehead and the sides of your head. You can also use a cold towel and put it on your forehead along with it. Here is an advice coming from Chinese medicine – massage your acupressure spot on the upper part of your feet, being careful not to put too much pressure. Most pregnant women find this to be one of the best headache relief methods, along with a simple cup of espresso coffee with a lemon. Also, fresh air can help you get your blood pumping to increase your blood pressure, which is often the reason for your headache.

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