Determining the cause of pain under right rib cage

Pain can be easily sorted in a couple of different versions. Numb pain usually indicates an injury caused by an outside factor, while sharp pain can indicate an internal bleeding or inflammation. Cartilage inflammation is one of the most common reasons why would someone feel a burning pain under the rib cage, although there are plenty of other reasons for this to happen. When it comes to your own medical condition, try not to jump into conclusions, as this can lead towards completely wrong treatment methods you might take on your own, and this usually makes the problem even worse.

Feeling internal pain is nothing to be joking around with, so make sure you visit a physician that can take a closer look into the cause of your pain. This can be easily done with x-rays that are today more than satisfactory in image capturing resolution, which means it’s easy to spot affected areas and find out the reason behind your pain. Often, smokers tend to feel this kind of pain below their rib cage, and in case you’re an excessive smoker, this might be a sign of a collapsed lung. Interestingly enough, lungs are easier to collapse with full grown men that are somewhat skinny and tall. There are very few cases of people who are normally built and do not smoke to have collapsed lungs. However, they can still feel pain under the right rib cage, which can indicate some internal inflammation, piercing damage or internal bleeding, caused by a blunt punch from outside.

Inflamed cartilage gives away sharp pain which is relatively easy to define at a physician. The problem with this is the fact that you can’t really treat it inoperably. There are specific operative tasks needed to be taken in order to have this problem treated quickly and efficiently. Of course, painkillers are always a solution, but these are basically drugs that cause dependencies and this is something you would rather avoid.

Determining the cause of pain

If you’re not into medical science, you’ll be best of to visit a physician that will be able to take proper steps and determine what causes your rib pain. As I’ve mentioned before, there are plenty of different reasons for this pain to appear and treatment differs for each of these. Sometimes, you might even experience temporary pain which will fade away on its own, and there are some other cases where you will experience ascending pain under your rib, which is somewhat more serious. However, the last thing you need to do is to panic and start finding solutions on your own.

Take your time, pay attention to what your doctors tell you and try to not put every hope into articles you find online. Desire for self education is a good thing, but never when you’re in a hurry. This leads to bad decisions, wrong conclusions and completely wrong steps taken that can lead your pain into a completely new, possibly worse direction. If the pain you’re experiencing comes in intervals, this might have something to do with your cardiovascular system, in a sense of heart arrhythmia. This can be dealt with proper physical activity, as well as a change in your diet routine that will help you deal with cholesterol levels, which usually do have a significant part in such occurrences. Liver diseases are also a common cause of pain under the rib cage, especially if you drink alcohol on a regular level. Some people simply do not tolerate alcohol, no matter how much they enjoy it during the act of drinking. Their liver might be rejecting it up to the level where it starts to ache, so if this is the case with you, immediately stop alcohol consummation to prevent more serious problems.

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