Details about Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Persons suffering from narcissistic personality disorder are usually showing everything related to their own physique or abilities in a grandiose manner, while being very sensitive towards any type of criticism at the same time. It’s next to impossible for them to feel compassionate about something that happened to another person, commonly being more focused on their appearance rather than anything else. People with this disorder can show fantasizing about their own lifestyle or appearance, indicating a need to be impressed upon and lack in compassion, especially in the younger age. These types of people can also be recognized by their intensive demand for their accomplishments to be praised and acknowledged, focusing the entire discussion on their own limitless power, success, beauty and perfection. They believe that they are special and unique, belonging to high class social communities.

As it is with many other personality disorders, narcissists also show a tendency to switch moods in a flash, usually from depression and depression-like behavior towards complete euphoria. Here, focus on their own being and perfection is highly indicated.

How to recognize this condition

One of the most noticeable symptoms of this disorder is having an overrated impression of their own importance and quality, often venturing into lying about accomplishments, just so that they can get some praise or acknowledgment. This applies to all life situations, from business to social accomplishments. They also ignore other people’s problems, constantly complaining about how they need to do everything on their own, further emphasizing their own importance in the community.

Narcissists will commonly state that they accomplish a lot without investing a lot of effort into their errands, leaving an impression that their money, time and assets carry much more value than other average persons. In general public, the term narcissi applies to people who are absurdly selfish and can be applied to people whose ambitions and aspirations are much larger than their visible or obvious capabilities. Sometimes, a narcissistic person will simply be described as being full of him – even when the person has actually accomplished a lot. First league athletes or famous actresses or actors aren’t always modest, but there is a significant difference between having a normal impression about their own accomplishments and being a narcissist.

Most narcissists will show these signs only in private, while remaining silent and modest in the open public. This makes it easier for them to control other people’s opinions about them. It’s very easy to recognize a narcissist, mostly by observing real life accomplishments. If the person talks a lot but hasn’t really accomplished a lot in comparison with what has been said, then the person might just be suffering from this disorder. You’ll notice that almost all geniuses and highly successful people will rarely boast about their accomplishments, which basically conditions a general and socially acceptable behavior from a successful person and one who is a narcissist. This problem of false values can go very far, basically preventing the person to advance in life as the amount of praise may create a completely distorted image of the person in their own mind.

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