Details about Left Upper Quadrant Pain

Stomach pain is a general label for all painful sensations felt in the area, which are usually accompanied by unpleasant symptoms. This is one of the most common occurrences, causing the patients to report to their doctor. There are many different causes for this pain to appear and it’s very important not to guess what might be wrong, yet to go in a medical institution to go under proper and detailed analysis. Even then, the cause of the pain might not be completely discoverable and even with highest clinical skills it won’t be possible to determine the specific cause of this pain. An additional problem for this is inability to define the pain and its intensity, as every person experiences this pain in a different way – children usually experience much more severe pains, while obese or elderly people might not even feel the pain from the same cause. Hysterical patients might overreact and call for some non-existing issues in order to get more attention.

Causes for upper quadrant pain

When talking about upper quadrant pain, there’s no warranty that the pain is caused due to an issue with an organ from this region. This is usually the case, but due to the nature of this pain and its tendency to radiate all over the place, additional tests and analysis need to be performed in order to pinpoint the cause of it. The intensity of the pain doesn’t always equal to the intensity and severity of the condition causing it, as even gassiness might cause unbearable pain, which is a completely safe issue. On the other hand, liver issues are known to be difficult to diagnose as they won’t show any kind of symptoms whatsoever, until the condition has gone into the advanced stage.

Pain in the upper quadrant may be caused by poisoning, infections, disease of the gall system, liver disease, kidney disease, bladder infections, menstruation, ovulation, ruptures, metabolic diseases etc. The list of causes of this pain is very long and it’s next to impossible to count all of the conditions in the specified groups.

Emergency cases

In case your experience pain in the upper quadrant, just above the belly button, this might indicate an inflammation of the intestine or the stomach, which needs to be treated with proper antibiotics as soon as possible. Other stomach related diseases which require immediate treatment will often cause you to skip certain diagnosis methods. If there is an ongoing hemorrhage inside the stomach cavity, the patient needs to be subdued and put to the surgery table for an immediate surgery. With sudden pain the diagnosis is quickly and successfully established, contrary to the long lasting and chronic aches. In this procedure nothing can replace complete anamnesis, which is a detailed analysis of information received from the patient, any current conditions, family diseases, momentary problems as well as other functions and habits. As much of this information is gathered – the better; treatment procedure will have more ground to start from.

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