Degenerative Joint Disease

Degenerative joint disease, also known as osteoarthritis, is an ailment which caused due to gradual deterioration of patient’s cartilage which lies between the joints. In most of the cases, it has been seen that elders, particularly aged people suffer from this problem. The deterioration of cartilage is a natural phenomenon and no medicine can stop it. As an individual grows older his cartilage starts deteriorating. However, it is not just age which leads to the degenerative joint disease. Following are some are of the risk factors which are responsible for this problem:

Genetics: You might be unaware but your genes would have huge role to play for the occurrence of this disease. If a close family member had this ailment, then chances are bright that you might also suffer from the same. Though, there is no guarantee that you will be necessarily suffering from this ailment.

Obesity: Apart from genetics, another crucial risk factor is obesity. Our spine, knees and hips carry the burden of our body. If you happen to be overweight, then it means that all the extra weight being transferred on your body parts. This is one of the reasons why overweight people generally suffer knee problems. Their knee wears our faster.

Injuries: If you have had sustained injuries or fractures into your joints, then you would have to face this disease when you grow older.

Overuse: Everything has its expiry date and the same goes with our body parts. Athletes and sportspersons regularly put pressure on their knee and hips, which leads to their wear and tear.

Gender: The reasons are not known but it has been found out that more women are diagnosed to this disease than men.

Although, you don’t have any method for completely avoiding this disease, but you can certainly take a few genuine steps for avoiding serious consequences. You can maintain a diet rich in nutrients. You should cut down all those activities which lead to extra pressure on the joints. You can start doing exercises which can help you in strengthening your joints. You should maintain a proper posture at all times. Always keep consulting with your personal physician before starting with a new diet plan.

Alternative treatments:

There are some patients who explore alternative therapies which go in alignment with the medicines prescribed by their doctor. Yoga, acupuncture, message therapy are some of the alternative treatments which you can use for controlling the pain and problems related to degenerative joint disease. There are various other methods of treating this disease. You can choose one of them and consult your doctor for further details.

Surgical Treatments: This method is rarely used for treating a patient suffering from this disease. If all the other methods prove to be futile, then this treatment comes into picture. The reason this method for treatment is avoided because it’s too risky. Moreover, after undergoing a surgery, patient has to stay in the hospital for days at a stretch before he is fully recovered. Even patients are hesitant while undergoing surgery.

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