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Coping with Pain Under Scapula

Due to the complexity of this part of your body, pain under scapula can be caused by a whole list of conditions. Scapula is just another term for shoulder blade, which is the largest bone in our body (in terms of flat area), making it also one of the most robust ones. Most people will experience pain under the shoulder blades because of improper posture, sleeping or sitting position. This is one of the most common, non-life threatening causes for this pain to occur. For an example, rotator cuff trauma is one of the most common reasons for this pain and it’s fairly easy to experience it. If you are working hard in the gym with no proper monitoring you may injure your cuff, experiencing severe pain and numbness in the area.

On the other hand, severe physical trauma may also be a reason for this pain to happen. Due to the position and consistency of this region of your body, it tends to radiate pain from different parts, mostly from your abdominal region. Due to the thick bone structure, the scapula tends to muffle the pain and spread it over a larger area, making you feel and think about completely unrelated conditions causing it.

Pinched nerves

If the pain you are experiencing comes in intervals, it may be a pinched nerve causing it. This is most common with athletes who do a lot of the work with their arms and back such as swimmers or rowers. Treatment for this is done with vitamin B injections and a physical therapy which is required in order to determine the position of the bones, as it obviously needs to be changed a bit.

Other causes

There is a whole list of other causes for this to happen. Even aging may show its toll on your shoulder blade as bones become brittle and they may give under pressure, causing muscle and joint strain.

Otherwise, disc bone disease may occur if the nerves are compressed. This usually happens due to bad posture which starts from the neck and slowly finding its way downwards. Shingles have also been established as a valid cause for scapula pain which needs to be treated quickly as the infection may spread.

In more serious events, such as cancer, metastases may also find their way to the bottom of the shoulder blade. Due to the large surface of this bone the cancer cells may grab on and establish a new seating for the metastasis cancer. This can cause severe and sudden pain.


Due to the numerous causes for this pain, diagnosis takes quite a while and it’s important to get it done properly. Improper treatment may actually make the whole situation a lot worse while the real cause of the pain continues to thrive on your body, leaving even more significant side effects. Your doctor will take a number of systematic tests which will help him get to the bottom of the issue; this is of critical importance for a proper treatment.

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