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Congestive Heart Failure Life Expectancy Can Be Prolonged With Adequate Measures

Congestive Heart Failure, better termed as CHF is not only a very serious illness but also the beginning of other diseases. This syndrome weakens immunity, life expectancy as well as strength of the body. The life expectancy cannot be exactly counted. Some people are known to have lived for more than a decade and a half with the disease, while some have been a prey to it within just a year. The initial symptoms of this disease are cough, fever, breathing problems, extreme fatigue, inability to do much physical activity, etc. The best way to lead a good life bearing the disorder is by following guidelines to the utmost.

Good to know

According to experts and their research results, it has been proven that one in every five people is suffering from a heart disorder according to the most recent survey. While looking for ways to change your lifestyle towards a more healthy side, it is needed that you first change your food habits. Salted snacks and spicy vegetables are a hot favorite with most of us, but consumption of food like this affects our body negatively. It is good for a heart patient, if he stays away from rich food and excess fluids. This is because consumption of these two makes the hearts works more to enhance the digestion process, leading to more problems.

Symptoms that should awaken you

Most of us do not know exactly when to be worried about heart diseases. There are a number of symptoms that should make you start thinking about congestive heart failure life expectancy.

  • Exhaustiveness- During this course you will find patients losing interest in hard physical activities. The body makes you fall off the track. You will feel lethargic and tired for no reason. Even a little work shall seem to make you exhausted.
  • Breathing problems- Excessive exhaustiveness is the main problem of breathing disorders in heart patients. It is suggested that you do not walk or move continuously for more than 20 minutes if you are suffering from heart ailments. It will make you pant and puff for breath. This is because the heart is not being able to pump enough oxygen to the lungs.
  • Swelling organs- The final reason of congestive heart failure is that the organs retain more salt and water due to lack of blood and nutrients. This makes your limbs swell with water and puss filled inside. This calls for an emergency.

Special diet only for you

Changing your diet is the key to a better tomorrow and more years on this beautiful earth.

  • More fresh fruits and vegetables- Choose fresh, seasonal fruits and colorful vegetables over processed food. The first reason is that the former provides necessary nutrients to the body and, the salt content in fresh food is negligible.
  • Look out- Choose fresh meat, fish, dairy products, etc. since they do not have much salt or water. However, keep in mind that you should add less than normal salt while cooking them too.
  • Some seasoning- Choose fresh herbs and fruit chooses over salt for some tasty seasonings.

Change your habits

Changing your natural lifestyle is not at all easy but changing it is necessary. Being honest to yourself is the secret to get better in life. Do not binge on restricted food when no one is around. Shoo away all sodium and salt shakers from the table and also read carefully processed food containers when you buy them. Spend money on those which do not have too much sodium in them.

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