Common Women Heart Disease Symptoms

Risk of heart diseases with women is significantly underestimated, as even younger people are in danger of these. Because of the sedentary way of life which is very common nowadays, children tend to be at higher risk as well from all kinds of cardiovascular diseases. Most of their free time children are spending in playing video games while enjoying bad foods which are filled with bad carbohydrates and saturated fats. Despite the fact that the risk exposure alone is more than enough for one to pay special attention to this, it’s also important to deal with all of the emotional issues and stress which follows closely after.


Regardless of whether we are talking about women heart disease or any other, there are 5 basic rules for one to maintain a healthy lifestyle and reduce the chance of ever suffering from a cardiovascular condition.

  • Quit smoking.
  • Expel fatty foods which are typical for fast food joints.
  • Eat more of whole-wheat groceries as these protect your heart.
  • Eat more fish instead of red, fatty meat.
  • Move! 150 minutes of quick walking has a positive effect on heart function.

These are some simple procedures which everybody can under-take and improve heart status. You can’t influence on your genetics and atherosclerosis, which is a biological process developing for years and as the organism grows older, it becomes more significant. This basically narrows or completely clogs up your arteries. Depending on the state of the narrowing as well as localization, a heart condition may develop, just as well as brain or peripheral blood vessel disease. With risk factors such as higher blood pressure, increased blood fats, smoking, obesity, lack of physical activity it is possible to develop a pre-mature atherosclerosis.

Heart attack symptoms

There is a whole list of reasons for which the heart attack happens, but stress plays a significant role. It can be caused either by professional conflicts or those caused by emotional issues. Some of the signs of a heart attack which aren’t supposed to be ignored are pain in the middle of the chest, pain in the left arm as well as pain in the neck, jaw and sometimes in the upper part of your stomach.

All in all, heart conditions will either develop over decades of bad living and eating habits or you will suddenly be stricken by one due to hereditary conditions. It is possible and very important for you to give your best and try to prevent these from happening, as if you do, you will at least prolong the period before the disease strikes. If it strikes, you will have a chance of experiencing a complete recovery, which is something that can’t be said for cases where you don’t do anything about it. If you’re worried about your heart or cardiovascular system, don’t sweat it – just start to change your life, eating habits and monitor your progress. Keep a close look at your blood pressure as this can serve as a first indication of any problems.

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