Common Sleep Apnea Symptoms in Men and Women

The term apnea originates from Greek language indicating seize of breathing. This can happen at all time but it’s most common during the sleep. People suffering from this condition may stop breathing during their sleep without even being aware of it. This stoppage of breathing causes an obstruction in terms of blocking the organism to be provided with oxygen which basically poisons your organism. The amount of carbon dioxide being exhaled out of your organism is severely reduced, which is a dangerous event on its own.

One will re-initiate breathing sooner or later, possibly by waking up but won’t be aware of what just happened. These types of events can happen a lot of times during the night, causing severe side effects such as brain damages, heart and blood vessel conditions etc.

Sleep apnea symptoms in women

It is next to impossible for one to determine and confirm apnea condition, but this can be discovered by people living and sleeping next to you. Women are usually easier to be awakening by sudden noises of their life partner making in bed which are similar to trying to catch your breath in a panicking manner. Patients suffering from this condition tend to be tired and sleepy throughout the day and over time this can become quite of a problem, especially if you are working in a high responsibility environment.

Sleep apnea symptoms in men

General sleep apnea symptoms apply to men as well. Loud snoring during the night is more characteristic towards male population and if the snores come in phases with long pauses in between, this might just be caused by apnea. Also, if the patient experiences sudden breathing issues during the night, the partner needs to confirm this and acknowledge the problem next morning as these needs to be treated as soon as possible to avoid all of the negative consequences of the condition.


There is a special device called CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) which ensures an increased air pressure in the entire airway, helping the patient to breathe regularly. This method basically forces the air circulation to function as it should during the night.

People might experience some results with a change in diet routine or with operations on the airway segments, but it’s more probably that everything will get to long term (possibly lifetime) sleeping with this special mask on. This is a simple and effective method of treating apnea during sleeping and it’s much more efficient to invest into one of these devices rather than to cope with consequences of not treating it. As we’ve mentioned before, this condition does have a big potential of messing up your heart and brain due to the lack of air and oxygen being worked into your body. Because of this, it is important for you to get one of these machines and start treating your condition as soon as possible, to prevent any bad consequences from happening in the long and short term.

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