Common Kidney Pain Location

Kidneys usually ache in case you’ve been exposed to cold winds. The best example to see how significant this is is motorcycles and proper clothes drivers wear. You’ll notice that many of motorcycle drivers have a dedicated back protection which is basically a padded belt. This helps in protecting kidneys from the outside winds and other pressure changes that can significantly endanger your kidneys. This particular pair of organs is positioned relatively close to the skin itself, without any dedicated bones to protect them, so it’s obvious why they need some extra help. Other than temporary aches caused by cold wind, your kidneys might hurt because of internal inflammation. This is common with people drinking alcohol in excessive dosages, as it’s common for alcohol to cause disorders in kidney functions, especially those that are closely related with regulating blood pressure. Otherwise, kidneys are rather robust organs and can endure a lot. They might appear to be sensitive for outward influences, but the internals are rather simple and straight forward.

What causes kidney pain?

Kidney pain can be experienced due to plenty of different reasons. Women can experience this pain just before their menstrual cycle kicks in. Men do not suffer from any characteristic causes of this pain, which is relatively clear. Generally, kidney pain is commonly caused by kidney stones that can be somewhat easily removed. Operation is the only way to get this problem sorted out, even though there are some solutions that can somewhat help into reducing the pain itself. There was some experiment with special edible fluids that could dissolve the stones on their own so that the patient can simply urine it out, however the formula is yet to be discovered. All of the current attempts in accomplishing this proved to be too aggressive and inefficient. This might be so just because the operation procedure has gotten fairly simple and easily efficient.

Kidney infection

Kidney infection takes a long time to develop and set in and usually starts at the sexual organ. It slowly climbs up to the kidneys themselves, at which period the patient might have difficulties urinating as well as constant numb pain in the lower back area. The problem with this is that people usually start stretching their back more often thinking it’s just a temporary back strain, thinking no where near about their kidneys and related systems. Postponing treatment is, of course, dangerous so it’s necessary to take regular check ups where your urine will get analyzed at least twice per year. Not doing so increases your risk of suffering from a kidney infection which can definitely cause severe trauma and unnecessary long treatment.  During pregnancy, kidneys are put under stress and there were plenty of cases where kidneys gave out because of this. Fortunately, only one of the kidneys is usually smaller and therefore more prone to going bad, while the other one should be dominant and efficient enough for a person to lead a normal life. Kidney transplants are common as well and there are over 100 kidney transplants in the United States alone. The waiting list is still rather dense, due to strict requirements for both the donor and the receptor of the organ. To prevent kidney problems, the first thing you can do is to change your diet. Eating heavy and fat foods can cause severe increase in kidney stone generation so if you already do have kidney stones, change your diet as soon as possible, and stick with it. This will help you help yourself to stay away from kidney problems.

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