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Common dog sickness symptoms and conditions

Dogs can get a whole number of life threatening conditions and in most cases one might not be able to recognize dog sickness symptoms. In this article I’ll be discussing some of the most common deadly diseases which have been known to affect dogs of any age. Fortunately, dogs’ diseases come with very specific and notable symptoms and it’s usually easy to recognize your dog’s new awkward behavior which can definitely indicate a problem. Dogs don’t really change their attitude as much as we do so this alone can be used as an indication for a medical checkup.


If your dog’s pancreas isn’t working as it should, dogs can develop diabetes. Characteristic symptoms of this disease are thirst, bountiful urination, weight loss and tendency towards pus processes on the skin. Also, dog’s breath has a specific note of acetone. If the disease is not treated, dog can fall into a diabetes coma and die. Treatment is done by everyday insulin injections with a strict diet regime. The dog can be kept alive one year after diagnosis.

Chronic kidney condition

This disease is common with older dogs after they have been infected with Leptospira canicola bacterium. The dog will be thirsty constantly and its skin will turn dry. In the later stage of the disease it will start to vomit, diarrhea is another common symptom as well as cease of urination.

There are two stages of this condition, the first one being when the dog drinks a lot of fluid so manages to excrete the poisons out of the body via urination and the second stage where the dog slowly stops to urinate as there is no urine being excreted in the kidneys. Dog diagnosed with this condition needs to drink as much water as possible, with a special diet consisting of chicken meat and some veggies.


Pneumonia is an infective condition of the lungs caused by viruses, bacteria and worms. Symptoms of this condition are fever, difficulties breathing, coughs and loss of appetite. If you listen more closely to your dog’s breathing you will hear sounds of squealing. Dog needs to be treated as soon as possible.

Acute inflammation of the middle ear

Dogs that have their ears flapping down have a tendency of developing this condition as there is not enough aeration going through them. This causes a warm and humid environment, perfect for bacteria. After a while this can grow into an infective condition, during which the dog will shake its head, lose balance and walk in circles with its head leaning to one side.

The dog needs to be treated as soon as possible since this infection may transfer to the brain, causing strong encephalitis and death.

Brain inflammation

Virus which causes this condition is transmitted by ticks. The beginning of this condition is indicated by a serious distress which is expressed by the dog’s constant excited barking. After a couple of days the dog will change its behavior, start to sleep a lot, almost the entire day. During this disease, some of the vital organs may be in danger so it is important to recognize this condition and treat it as soon as possible.

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