Colon Cancer Symptoms in Women

Colon Cancer Symptoms in Women

Clinical symptoms of any given cancer depend upon various reasons which include its stage, nature, location and duration. Some cancer symptoms are so ambiguous that patients never know they are suffering from cancer until they visit a doctor for routine checkup. Let us have a look at colon cancer symptoms in women:

Constant Bleeding:

One of the most common symptoms of colon cancer is bleeding. The bleeding starts at the initial stage and continue up to the last stage of this cancer. The amount of bleeding varies from person to person. In case of hemorrhoids, the situation is different and so is the bleeding. If the patient is suffering from colon cancer, then there is secretion of pus and mucus along with blood from anus. Though this is seen in later stages of cancer but it is common among most of the patients. Patients also notice inflammation in their rectum and in some cases inflammation is followed by extreme pain.

Weight Loss:

This might appear as an obvious symptom for the colon cancer- as it has been seen that weight loss a common indicator of various other cancers- but sudden weight loss without any particular reason indicates the presence of cancer. As the cancer keeps growing, it requires more energy, so you appear to be weak because cancer draws lots of energy from the food your intake.


It is common for women suffering from colon cancer to experience weakness and fatigue. This has a lot to do with amount of calories burnt because you have a tumor in the body. It has links with the amount of blood you lose on regular intervals. Due to regular loss of blood, your body falls short of iron and deficiency, as we all know, leads to anemia. Fatigue, breathlessness, faintness and weakness are some of the common symptoms of anemia. So, while you lose weight and blood, due to cancer, you might be also suffering from anemia because of excessive blood loss.

Disorders of the intestines

You would notice intestinal disorders, as it is a common symptom of this form of cancer. Some of disorders associated with intestine are change in stool color, change in defecation rhythm, constipation, gas and diarrhea. After defecation, the patient still isn’t satisfied and feels like going back defecate again. You might observe false urges at most 15 times a day. As a result of tumor growth, the patient notices inflammation in her rectum. She also experiences abdominal pain and delays in stool. Occasionally she might also vomit but is not common to all patients.

Symptoms at Later Stages:

Women suffering from colon cancer experience painful feeling after the tumor spread in other parts of body. After a point of time, the situation of patient becomes unbearable and they have to be urgently treated. Regular bleeding, leading to anemia and weakness are common problems that women have to suffer at later stages. You should consult a doctor at initial stages if you wish to get rid of the problem soon.

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