Cold Sore Remedies Made Easy

Cold sore remedies don’t need to be complicated. If you have ever suffered from a cold sore then you were probably very embarrassed. If you are like most people then you just wanted it to go away as soon as possible. Most people will spend time trying whatever they can in order to get it to go away fast!

We’ll explain a few home remedies for cold sores that you can try the next time that you have one.

  1. Use Petroleum Jelly – You can start by applying a petroleum based jelly to the affected area. This is relatively inexpensive cold sore remedy and it can be picked up at an area store. You will find that doing this will help keep the area from getting infected even further and it will even help move the healing process along, making it heal much faster.
  2. Wash With Soapy Water – Some people report that they have had success with this cold sore treatment of washing the cold sore and the area around it with warm soapy water. This actually helps keep the cold sore from spreading and it cleans out any infection. Doing this several times a day can really help you heal that cold sore much faster and it will not cost you any money at all.
  3. Take Vitamin B – Try consuming an antioxidant such as vitamin B or another vitamin supplement. Taking things like this will really help you build your immune system so that your body can fight any infections that may be lurking within the cold sore. Vitamins and vitamin supplements do not cost a lot of money and they are really easy to find. Cold sore remedies such as this have been effective for many people.
  4. Get Ample Rest – Taking the time to get the rest that your body needs can really help you fight that cold sore. It helps you decrease stress and it also helps your body build up its immune system. People that rest like they are suppose to will find that the cold sore will heal much faster when they are relaxed.
  1. Apply Ice – This is another one of those cold sore remedies that relies on supplies that you already have in your home. You will find that this helps keep the cold sore from becoming inflamed and red. It may actually make it less noticeable to others.
  2. Learn What Triggers Them – Cold sores happen to the best of us. For some people it becomes a part of their lives because they get them so much. Learning what triggers them for you may be an effective way to help decrease the likelihood of getting them. But, you still need to know what to do when it arrives.

There are a lot of different home remedies for cold sores that may help you out. As you can see, they do not need to be expensive and they do not need to be extremely time consuming.

Simply trying a few of these tips may help you deal with your cold sore more effectively. Try a few of these strategies and see which ones work the best for you.

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