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Certain Candida Die Off Symptoms

There are many different fungi living in our digestive tract, as well as inside women’s vaginas. These can, under certain circumstances, cause serious health issues. Modern lifestyle, fast food, excessive intake of sugar and white flour, stress, routine antibiotic treatment, contraceptive pills etc. can lead towards a pathogenic infection caused by yeasts or fungi. Most common among these is called candida, which is known to attack skin, nails, oral, vaginal, urinary and anal mucus. Presence of candida can be diagnosed by testing stool samples, spit, blood and urine. Depending on the laboratory, an analysis of these samples can be done to trace candida.

Treatment of candida

It is fairly simple to get rid of a candida infection. You should put your diet in the focal point of your treatment, as you can get rid of candida infection by radically changing the way you’re eating, and keeping up with your strict diet for a couple of months. It’s important to know that yeast such as candida live of carbohydrates. Glucose and fructose are two types of sugars that candida strives from so it is important to limit your intake of carbohydrates. This is not a diet which limits the amount of food, only the type of food you are eating. You shouldn’t be walking around hungry – eat when you’re hungry and eat as much as you need to have enough energy.

Recognizing candida dying off

Obviously, as you’re changing your eating habits and treating your candida infection you will feel the regular symptoms dying off. This is a clear indication that your treatment is working properly and you should just stick with it for as long as you can. When it comes to white flour and sugar, you might want to consider getting rid of it entirely, as these are the two most effective foods for candida yeast. Depending on the severity and types of symptoms it is difficult to determine how many people are actually suffering from candida infection. Statistics show that every third individual in the western world has had or has one or more types of parasitic candida infection. The best way to confirm that your candida is closing in on its death is to take blood and urine tests as these will show everything that is going on inside your body in regards to candida and its growth.

Foods you can eat

Feel free to eat as much of meat and fish as you desire. You should expel all foods that contain sugar or any sub-types of sugar, as well as rice, corn, alcoholic beverages, mushrooms, margarine, dough etc. You can eat as much of vegetables that grows above ground, garlic, onions, lemon, avocados, rice and soy milk. If you’re craving for sugary sweets you might want to stick with your Stevia bottle as this is a genius invention for people who are struggling with candida. Depending on the severity of your symptoms you should stick with this altered diet for as long as you need to get rid of as much of candida as you can.

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