Celebrities with Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a condition also known as manic depression. Diagnosis usually focuses on any mood disorders which are making it difficult for the patient to function in the real world, as well as giving additional difficulties to the people around. The condition usually has two phases – in the first phase the patient will act hyperactively, being extremely productive when bad decisions may be made due to the lack of self-control. The other phase is characterized by complete and utter depression, being a complete contrast to the first phase.

Because of this, the person suffering from bipolar disorder is really stressing out as it is impossible to objectively think about the future or do anything productive for a constant amount of time. It is mostly affected by genetic factors but it can actually become a problem later in life due to some stressful events where the person is trying to get out of regular and normal depression with being extremely busy and productive.

Celebrities lead a busy life so it’s no wonder that there are a number of them who are suffering from bipolar disorder. Today we will take a look at some of the most famous celebrities with this problem.

Catherina Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine was already related to depression problems as she did report to a mental facility for treatment; soon after she showed all of the symptoms which can be assigned to manic depression or bipolar disorder. Also, Catherine is quite aware of the condition she is in as she has made some public statements about the suffering she is going through as well as all of the problems she is giving to the people surrounding her, with a wish to get out of all that.

RusselRussell Brand

Russell discussed his issues in his memoir known as My Booky Wook. He had a rough childhood as well, living without his father since he was 11. At that time he also developed problems with excessive eating, quickly followed by alcohol and drug addiction in his adolescent age. However, Russell managed to get his feet on the ground and he was quickly rid of any addictions, managing to defy all of the non-believers. He is now married to Katy Perry and leads a successful life as a stand-up comedian.


Ben Stiller

Ben is another self-aware bipolar patient, who has had a number of anger outbursts in the Zoolander set. He admits that he is definitely not an easy person to be around with and he is also known to lose his temper very often. Both his parents have had manic depression problems but both of them were also very open to treatment which has definitely helped Ben understand and accept his condition. Since the genetic heritage is definitely a factor for bipolar syndrome, it is nice to see Ben dealing with the problem objectively as well.

Demi LovatoDemi Lovato

Demi became famous after she acted in the Camp Rock movies and has been known as one of the most popular teen established movie stars. She also established a stable singing career. In 2010 she succumbed to her emotional issues, going into a medical facility where she was diagnosed with bipolar syndrome. Demi made some statements in talk shows where she acknowledged depression phases from her early childhood and was bullied verbally in her younger age. This can definitely initiate depression related issues and it has been known as one of the biggest problems of bullying, with side effects showing later in life. Many talented children such as Demi aren’t able to express themselves due to depression phases at such an early age.

Linda HamiltonLinda Hamilton

Linda has made some memorable movie acting sessions, with Terminator being one of her best performances ever. She is now 58, living with bipolar syndrome for over 25 years. She acknowledged her extremely brilliant manic phases as well as her complete depression phases which are two unmistakable symptoms of bipolarity. Today she has managed to get over these manic phases and leads a calm and happy life, enjoying the benefits of her successful movie career.

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