Causes of Pain Under Right Breast

Chest and abdominal pain are nothing to be kidding around with and it’s important to acknowledge this pain to find the source of it as quickly as possible. In most cases, Sharp Pain Under Right Breast indicates an issue with gallbladder, which is a fairly painful but simple condition to deal with. You may have this issue if your diet isn’t something you would call healthy, rich with fatty and fried foods and lacking in fruits and vegetables. The causes for this type of pain are gallbladder stones which are made out of cholesterol and can cause a lot of pain for you. The only way to deal with these is to get them removed, which is a process of removing the entire gallbladder in most cases. After this surgery, you will need to take proper care about what are you eating as you won’t have gall anymore, which is crucial for dissolving and digesting fats in a timely manner.

Other causes for this pain

If the pain originates a bit higher on your chest, it may be a case of stretched out rib muscles. This may happen if you were injured physically with a blunt object and it also may happen under a lot of physical stress. These muscles are very fragile, allowing for some dynamics to be possible in between the ribs. If you were traumatized in this area and experienced no immediate pain, it may return after a couple of days, with you forgetting about the trauma you’ve experienced.

Your doctor will examine the area physically and in case nothing can be discovered, an ultrasound test will be performed, just to eliminate any other internal causes for the pain. In case of a right breast pain, the ultrasound will most likely discover gallbladder stones which also carry a characteristic pain along, being extremely sharp and painful.


When you feel the pain for the first time, acknowledge it – don’t ignore it by trying to live with it as this may endanger your health. As soon as you feel it, go straight to your doctor for further inspection of the issue. This is the one and only way for you to properly assess the issue and start an immediate treatment.

Depending on the severity of the problem, diagnosis is done in several ways. The first method is usually a physical examination of the area affected by pain, with an ultrasound or radiology following close behind to discover any inside issues. A combination of both of these methods usually gives the best results out, providing you with a precise diagnosis. This will allow you to start a proper treatment with all the right tools.

This pain doesn’t usually indicate a life threatening problem so you shouldn’t worry yourself too much. It may just be a consequence of the stress you’re currently experiencing, which is known to cause a variety of health issues related to ribs and abdomen – the center of your body. Relax and try to solve this problem systematically.

41 thoughts on “Causes of Pain Under Right Breast

  1. I’ve been having sharp pains under my right breast and my left side of my head It is not an evryday thing, it happens once in three months. What could be the cause?

    • I just had the exact same thing except both sides of the head. I haven’t found any answers yet

  2. I’ve been have sharp pains under my right breast and my left side of my head It is not an evryday thing, it happens once in three months. What could be the cause?

  3. Over the last 5 days I have been feeling a pain under my right breast it is sore like as if I hit it like it is bruised I now feel a few small bumps directly under my breast on the right side what do I do I don’t like 2 go 2 the Dr. And I’m 48 never had a mammogram

    • I been having a little pain under my right breast it’s trying to go away but if I move a certain way I feel pain sent Thur

  4. I’ve got a pain under my right breast, I had it last year and had an X ray which didn’t show anything…It also hurts when I touch it , hurts when I sneeze cough and also certain ways I move, also get a sudden pain when not doing anything…..Thank you

    • I wish I had a answer for you and I. I’m feeling the same exact symptoms also sometimes when I breathe in it hurts, move, touch my breast or not do anything too. There aren’t any bumps or lumps but sores ness.

  5. Thanks, so much. I was afraid of it being something serious or you know something with my heart. I did hav some chest pressure when I had first gotten the pain but it hasn’t came back, which is great. I’m happy to not hav a life threatening medical problem. Now me and my lovely husband can live freely. Thanks, again. 🙂

  6. I have been having this sharp pain under my right breast and I appreciate I get it when stressed out. Thank you. I thought it was a life and death issue but I will adjust to control the stress.

  7. Four days ago I was dragged about 15yds and over a small, half-buried boulder by an enormous Huskey. I couldn’t get the leash off my wrist! By the time I did, I looked like a golem (a monster made of mud) and hurt EVERYWHERE. Knees were bleeding, chin scraped, palms scratchrd but the BIG hurt was odd … under my right breast! Lsst night, in a fit if coughing I felt something give way, like a tiny ‘pop;’ it felt like muscles had gathered up then suddenly released. Now, day four, I cannot cough, breathe or even inhale deeply without terrible pain. If it’s not better by morning, this gal is headed to the ER! That mutt pulled Something, don’t know what but for sure … something’s NOT right!!

    • It sounds like you tore an intercostal muscle. I did that 3 days ago. The treatment is often the same as if you fractured a rib. Only an X-ray or scan can will show the problem so see a doctor.

  8. Today, I had a small heartburn feeling in the middle of my chest then suddenly I had a sharp pain in my right side under my breast. I had a hard time catching my breath the pain was intensed. It took 2 hours for the pain to decreased but, I’m still having pain and its tolerable and trying to relax to breathe. It hurts to take a deep breath. I’ve never had any kinds of experience like this before. I made a doctor appointment. Meantime, I could use some kind of advice.

  9. Yesterday, I had a heartburn in the middle of my chest then suddenly I had a sharp pain in my right side under my breast. I had a hard time catching my breath the pain was so intense. I had to take my bra off to see if I felt better. It didn’t. It took 2 hours for the pain to decrease. But, I still have the pain and its tolerable and trying to relax to breathe. It hurts to take a deep breath. Time go by, I still have heartburn and belching. I don’t know if this cause by inflame gallbladder? I don’t know if this is connected. I’ve been having problems of diarrhea every time I’m done with a meal, I go at least 3 or 4 times a day for a month. I’ve never had any kinds of experience like this before. I made an doctor appointment. Meantime, I could use some kind advice. Thanks. 🙂

    • Jennifer, I am experiencing the same thing. The pain is so intense it hurts to move. I have already had my gall bladder removed so that isn’t my problem. If it doesn’t go away or ease up by tomorrow I’m making a doctor appointment. My pain started yesterday evening.. I hope your appointment goes well.

  10. I have been having off and on aches below my right breast, but it isn’t directly under my breast, it is about 2-3 ribs below. Any ideas on what that may be, if anything?

  11. For about a year now (on and Off , not all the time) I have had a sharp pain below my right breast. I am only 23 , so I will be honest and say that this does scare me a bit. Also cuz I have size diffrences..

  12. Pain above right breast getting worse after five days. Ive had flu and suffer from stress is this the reason. Its making me fell sick now

  13. I’ve been having pain under my right breast that radiates around into my back, any idea what’s causing this?

  14. I have pain in the upper outside of my right rib cage, shortness of breath, and pain in the right arm.

  15. i have been having internal shape pain in my left breast,i have used drugs ,injection but did not work, what do i do to end this pain, or what drugs do i take to end it

  16. I ‘ve been having pain under my right Brest sharp pain when I take deep breaths is the worst ,I had a hysterectomy a week and two days now I had Gas really bad afterward so I thought this was part of it but the gas is gone and the pain is still there ,I was reading I hope it’s not gallstones but the symptoms Are very strong I go back for my checkup on the 25 but if the pains keep hurting me I will be going before then I hope we all get to feeling better I am going to pray that we do .

  17. I’ve been having pain behind my right breast,into my neck, into my top back,into my upper right arm. I’m afraid I’m having a stroke. The pain has been going on for almost two weeks now

  18. I have GERD which am aware of but right now am in pain under my right breast keeping awake.

    Any suggestions please.

  19. I’ve went to my Dr and he said that’s normal nothing to worry about, when I feel the pain if I hold my breath it goes away. It’s weird no clue what it could be.

  20. Pains are scary. I woke up at 1am with pain I thought was indigestion…took tums…realized it wasnt working…drank baking soad water…not working…took hot bath…not working…used heating pad..not helping…now its 340am and i am exhausted and cannot sleep. My back hurts too…pain mainly on right side upper but below rib cage. I just pray it isnt gallstones…i am leaving for vaca wed night 🙁 also feeling wicked bloated…ate at tgif…came home and exercised and lifted weights…hmm wasnt sure if that has anything to do w it.

  21. I am having the pain that you ladies are describing under my right breast and close to my lowest rib. Shortly after the pain goes away I have gas. It is a sharp pain. I googled it and find different things like gall stones, fatty liver and something about the large intestine being folded. I hate going to the doctor but I may have too. Have any of you gotten any advice from a doctor?

  22. I have a pain under my right breast and it is sore especially when um sneezing and coughing and its been a week now….what coases that?

  23. Lastnight I was leaning over a chair to unplug something and got a sudden sharp pain under my right breast..hurts to move certain ways…and also hurts in the middle of chest…hope I didnt do much damage???

  24. Pain under right breast top of Dobbs after heavey cold and cough had amoxicillin but pain won’t shift

  25. i have had the same pain,only it is progressively getting worse, under my right breast for 2 years now. i have been to 5 different doctors(CARDIO,GASTRO,INDO,REG.MD AND RESP.DOCTOR) I found out that I have a fatty liver,which is not the cause of the pain, SO THE DOC’S SAY. The gastro doc thinks that it might be from my several bulging disks in my spine that are pressing on the nerve that runs up under the breast. I have had every test that can be done to find out what is causing the severe pain under my right breast. I will have my gallbladder removed and then the next step is to have back surgery.I am not pleased with these options, and I think I will change my lifestyle in eating before I have any surgery. i have read that a paleo diet is very good for you and will make a world of diffrence the way I feel. NO MORE SWEETS,BREADS,POTATOES,RICE,AND EVERYTHING HOMEMADE AND FRESH,ORGANIC.

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