Causes for Pain under Right and Left Shoulder Blade

There are many causes for the area under your shoulder blade to ache which is a bit confusing at first. Many of these may indicate a fatal condition such as lung cancer, while in some other cases it may just be a temporary ghost pain. To begin with, it’s important to eliminate any chances of you actually having an issue with the joints of the shoulder blades as these are rather complex. If you are doing a lot of handy work carrying moderately weighty loads, you may feel pain after a while if you don’t stretch for an example. Generally speaking, pain under the shoulder blades is usually caused by an inflammation which may originate from a variety of body parts. As one of the most remote examples I’d like to mention gallbladder issues. These may cause radiating pain which can start under your ribs and radiate all the way in your back which may deter you away from the real cause of pain.


As I’ve mentioned before, there are numerous causes for pain under right and left shoulder blade. To start with, you may be affected by a simply muscle strain which usually happens if you put extreme stress on your shoulder muscles, even for a short while. The muscle tendons are sensitive towards this and the pain may radiate along the bone, making you feel like the bone is the actual source of pain. This is in fact the most common cause for this pain. On another topic, heart conditions may cause the same type and location of pain, a problem which has been most famous with women.

Fractures may also cause the area to ache, even though these bones are extremely thick and durable so you should experience a severe trauma in order to expect a fracture in the area. You will know if you have a fractured shoulder blade as the force required for such an injury is very significant.

Arthritis affects all bones and joints throughout your body and this is one of the most common misconceptions when analyzing the symptoms on your own. Usually arthritis becomes obvious on those joints and bones which are being over worked. With most people arthritis shows on their knees and ankles, while some persons may experience it on their shoulder blades (swimmers for an example).

Finally, abdominal conditions especially on digestive organs may cause severe shoulder blade pain. It’s been reported several times that these conditions tend to manifest as pain on both shoulder blades but not at once. So, if a person experiences pain which is exchanging sides of the body, this might be due to some digestive organ issues. Pancreas for an example causes a lot of radiating pain which can easily find its way to your back and your shoulder blades. Usually, pancreatitis is the cause for this pain if it is anything about pancreas.


Obviously, there is no universal type of treatment which affects all of the possible causes for pain under your shoulder blades. Some heavy analysis is necessary in order to get a hold of the issue, finding a viable source of the pain which then needs to be taken as a guideline for the treatment.

5 thoughts on “Causes for Pain under Right and Left Shoulder Blade

  1. im having shoulder blade pain on both right and left side and im also having neck pain from past 10months.i have done physiotherapy also but the pain is not doing streches and yoga from one month to get relieve from pain but no use.

  2. I began vomiting last night about 9.30pm. My stomach felt like I had been punched in it. After about an hour the area near my scapula began hurting. I was cold but clammy. At about 2am, the vomiting stopped untill this morning when I brought up dark brown liquid with small dark brown flakes. My stomach was still very tender and the area near my scapula is still sore but has a warm feeling. The feeling of nausia has now left but the pain is still there. I have no neck pain.

  3. I have a dull ache in my left shoulder blade sometimes it radiates right through to my chest . I have coronary heart disease and two stents . Two Tylenol pills will take care of it for a while but this is ongoing . I haven’t talk to my doctor about it yet I don’t want to make a special trip there .

  4. For the past couple of nights I have had a horrible pain under my right shoulder blade. It hurts pretty bad and has lingered around. It has made me think there might really be something wrong

  5. i feel a riping pain under my right shoulder blade. the pain is very sevier when i feel the riping pain and for a few weeks it gets better until i reach my right arm out to get something or grab something and then i feel the riping and im in so much pain that i cant hardly stand it, and then it will heal some and rip loose again. this has been going on for two years and they do mri on shoulder and neck, but to date the dr. have not ordered a mri on my shoulder blade. im a carpenter 58 ys old and i lift very heavy building material and now im having to have some one else do my work.

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