Causes for Pain on Left Side of your body

Stomach cavity is a space in between rib cage and the small pelvis. The muscle block known as diaphragm is separating the chest cavity from the stomach cavity. Inside your stomach cavity there are numerous organs to be found. Beneath the diaphragm on the right side which is covered by ribs, there is a liver with gall leads and gallbladder. In the middle part of the upper belly and more towards the left side you will find your stomach. On the left side, deeply under the ribs you will find your spleen. Stomach and intestines are also commonly affected by different diseases and can radiate pain.

Pain in the abdomen is the most common and most significant sign of organ and tissue disease, located inside. All of the tissues and organs come with their own pain tolerances and these aren’t equal. Some of these tissues are very sensitive while the others are completely numb to pain. This explains why the pain experienced from the abdomen may come in a wide variety of intensities. The intensity of the pain doesn’t always correlate to the significance of the condition which is causing it. Even the most fatal deterioration of the liver or kidneys will cause only minor aches, while a barely visible stone in the urine tract will case unbearable pain. Syphilis of the nervous system, a chronic condition which can last for years to come can cause severe pain on left side of your abdomen.

People experiencing severe pain in the left part of the abdomen during extensive physical activity might be suffering from an enlarged spleen. Spleen basically accumulates a significant amount of blood so during any kind of physical stress it may grow to be enlarged to a significant extent, applying pressure to the surrounding nerves. This causes the pain to occur and it can be very sharp, especially if there is a spleen related problem. Usually, people who don’t do enough physical activity tend to suffer from excessive spleen pains, which need to be acknowledged. Even though it doesn’t necessarily indicate a serious issue with the organ, it may cause some other abdomen related health conditions.

Establishing a diagnosis

Due to the complexity of your abdomen, it’s practically impossible to establish a feasible diagnosis based on symptoms alone. Your doctor will take these into consideration, but proper diagnosis methods need to be used in order to pinpoint what’s causing the pain. There are many organs in your abdomen alone which all have their own functions and therefore might cause different health issues.

Even the cardiovascular system may be the source of pain, especially if you are overweight. The accumulated cholesterol inside the arteries may cause severe strain on the organs as well as they aren’t receiving enough of blood which carries nutrients and oxygen. In such conditions, the only solution is to change your lifestyle, lose the weight and get your body under control again. For more information it’s best to consult your doctor, explaining your symptoms and difficulties in detail.

9 thoughts on “Causes for Pain on Left Side of your body

  1. I have had a fall and thecleftchand side of my body ie the rubs and under the ribs hurt . Not cracked I don’t think but badly bruised maybe , is it best left alone to heal or should I have an X ray ?

  2. Hi, I’v had reoccurring pain sharp, throbbing, dull. In my upper left thigh, my shoulder and arm, my left eye & my left lung. Could they be related to one another?
    Thank you, Alison Benneyt

  3. I have a severe pain in my left side of my ribs they hurt so bad and have went numb on me a day or to ago and I have had a major headache with these rib pains. What could this be.

  4. I have a hernia on my left side, but it doesn’t bother me much. i have been having dull pain in my upper abdomen. its dull but acute at times. i am on an antibiotic for an infection. i have sinusitis. what could be the reason for my pain i think its my pancries or my my spleen.what do u think?

  5. I have a severe pain on my left side just under the breast. The pain can be a burning like sensation and numbness. Pain has been getting worse. Is it anything to worry about.

    • Get it checked out, you may have a cracked rib or
      Pulled a muscle really bad that has been damaged.

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