Causes for Left Arm Pain

Symptoms of a threatening heart attack need to be acknowledged in time. Simple symptoms such as coughs, even flu may indicate a heart attack tendency. About 18 million people have died from heart related conditions. It’s important to know that heart attack and other heart related conditions usually come with a lot of atypical symptoms. Pain in the chest for longer than half an hour is usually the most characteristic sign of a mild heart attack but this may often miss out. For an example, women may experience this as a burning sensation in the chest.

On the other hand, men feel left arm pain commonly, while women feel it in the back. It’s very important to ask for medical assistance during the first hour of the symptoms being experienced as this can significantly improve the chances of full recovery. Noxiousness and stomach ache often get ignored while indicating a soon to come heart attack. Severe coughs due to accumulated fluid in the lungs may also occur. Symptoms similar to those of flu such as sweating, exhaustion and weakness may also indicate a heart related issue, especially if there isn’t a rise in body temperature.

Here are some of the certain signs of a heart related issue:

  • Long term pain and heat felt in the chest
  • A surge of cold sweat
  • Accelerated and irregular heartbeat
  • Sticky skin and a general feeling of fatigue
  • Loss of conscience

About 70% of men who did suffer from a heart related condition have experienced difficulties with erection even before diagnosis. The reason for this to happen is the narrowing down of the blood vessels around the heart and penis. A couple of weeks before the heart attack happen; both women and men may experience severe fatigue which didn’t allow the patient to get out of the bed. Such extreme symptoms need to be reported to a doctor’s office as soon as possible.

The heart attack can be prevented. About 90% of first heart attacks were caused by smoking, increased blood pressure, diet, obesity, physical inactivity and stress. Causes of heart attacks aren’t equal for men and woman. Women usually get a higher risk if they are suffering from type-two diabetes, much more significantly then with men. Depression is also significantly more obvious of a symptom with women, possibly caused by contraception pills as well. Women who are smoking are exposed to a double risk of heart attack than men. For both genders however, quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do in order to prevent a heart attack.

Physical activity needs to be emphasized upon. Every day one needs to exercise for at least half an hour. Bicycle riding is great, as well as daily long walks. Doing stuff around the home, garden and climbing the stairs even are also great solutions for moderate physical activity. Diet needs to be rich with vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, wine and a lot of fish – this will highly improve your overall health as well.

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