Candida Symptoms in Men

At first it might seem that women are the ones who are suffering from candida, almost exclusively. It is correct that a higher number of women are infected with this fungus, but numbers are a bit deceiving. Why is this so? Well, only a handful of men will ever get tested on candida, so there are obviously less men diagnosed with candida problems, which leads to a conclusion they suffer much less frequently from this problem.

Symptoms of candida found with men are not so obvious. Men usually won’t accept the fact that there is something wrong so they rarely ask doctors for help. Also, it appears that it is socially unacceptable for men to acknowledge this problem so they will rather suffer the consequences rather than admitting the issue to begin with. Another reason for this might be that men are falsely diagnosed usually and due to many similarities in the symptoms they receive false diagnoses of problems from which they are suffering. Insufficient training of medical staff leads to this.

Common Candida Symptoms in Men

Most common candida symptoms in men are prostate troubles, food allergies, skin rash, anxiousness, inability to concentrate, fatigue, diarrhea, belly aches, craving for alcohol and so on. However, in most cases this condition comes as asymptomatic, carrying no symptoms whatsoever. Whitish deposits may occur on the glans as well as the foreskin of the penis, carrying a sensation of irritation and sensitivity. Also, scanty discharge from the urethra is another significant symptom indicating a candida related condition. Due to the nature of these symptoms, they are mostly pronounced after sexual intercourse as the friction present can irritate the area, causing it to burn and itch as well.


In case you are experiencing constant recurrent of the condition you need to check your blood sugar levels, as diabetes might be diagnosed. Usually, the recurrent nature of candida infection can actually represent a valid symptom for diabetes. It’s also necessary to focus on your diet – reducing the amount of refined sugars, white flour products. You should increase the amount of fermented groceries like yoghurt, milk etc. Also, hygiene is priceless for avoiding candida infections on the penis, which needs to be washed regularly, not too much. Many patients tend to use strong antiseptic shampoos which are definitely too strong for this and can even make the situation worse due to excessive irritation. It’s good enough if you wash your penis with water and regular fluid soap (low pH ones are recommended).

Avoid synthetic underwear and any kind of tight clothing. Once the treatment is finished it’s good to change your eating habits for good, because this does help in the long run, especially if you’re experiencing recurrent infections. With all that said, candida is really not too much of a problem as long as you recognize it, acknowledge it and do whatever you can in order to prevent it from happening again. Doing otherwise might cause more health problems which will be difficult to deal with.

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