Burning Sensation in Stomach

Burning sensation in stomach is one of the most common problems nowadays. Generally, irregular meal timings, junk food, and diet cola are responsible for this problem. If you have a habit of overeating, then you are pressurizing your stomach and due to extra burden, there might be a burning sensation. Excessive consumption of any particular food item can be harmful to the body. Tea, soft drinks, creams, fatty food items etc are all potentially bad for our stomach. Apart from these food items, modern day evils such as anxiety, worry and tension are also responsible for this problem.

Papaya: Regular consumption of papaya is a great way for cooling down the burning sensation. It consists of enzymes that are helpful in calming down the stomach. Apart from this, you can also get all the vitamins and minerals consisting in this fruit. If you don’t like the taste, then you can buy chewable pills having papaya’s taste which are available at various health stores.

Gravity: You can make the best use of gravity when it comes to reducing the problem of burning sensation. If you are feeling the burning sensation, then the first thing you would feel might be lying down on the bed, but you should avoid this feeling. If you are standing, then gravity will ensure that acid remains at its place in the stomach. You can prevent heartburn, if you stand at least one hour after the meal.

Ginger:  It is one of the best natural ways for treating this problem. You can take at least 2 pieces of ginger root extract and eat it daily. It has been found out that ginger helps in absorbing excessive acid from the stomach and calming down the nerves at the same time.

Apple Cider Vinegar: If you happen to drink apple cider vinegar and water’s mixture during or after meal, then you can help in preventing or relieving the pain caused due to burning sensation in stomach.

Lifestyle: Our lifestyle has a lot to do with the burning sensation. In order to avoid or relieve this problem, you would have make changes in your lifestyle. If you have a habit of eating junk food items, then you are prone this problem. This also leads to adding up to our existing weight, which further worsens the situation. You should avoid eating food at odd hours. It is advisable to maintain a strict routine for meal. If possible, then get the help of a dietician, who can make a diet chart for you. Consult your personal physician and find some special food items for dealing with the burning sensation.

Water: You should drink lots of fluids while suffering from this ailment. A majority of such ailments are caused due to lack of water in our body. You can add up watermelon juice in your daily diet. Try drinking at least 10-12 glasses of water daily. Although excess of anything is bad but you can easily take the limit up to 14-16 glasses of water a day in order to remain healthy and avoid such complications.

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