Brain Tumor Symptoms in Men

Brain is the most significant part of our nervous system. It’s positioned in the skull, enveloped in brain membranes. Your brain contains about 25 billion cells, 13 billion of which are neurons. The biggest part of all neurons is positioned inside the big brain layer. Tumors or neoplastic disorders indicate a foreign mass of altered cells, showing irregular and progressive growth. The word tumor indicates swelling. Brain tumors are specific because of the space in which they appear. Like any other tumor, brain tumor is an irregular tissue growth which can be sourced down to brain cells themselves or the cancer started to grow from metastases of a cancer anywhere else in the body.

There are over 80 types of tumors which can grow inside the skull and lead towards brain damage. Still, grown people tend to get 5 most common tumors: glioma, meningioma, neuroma, pituitary adenoma and brain metastases which are a group of tumors of their own. These, as most of all other tumors in one’s body start from mutations in special genes of normal cells. By mutating, some genes become active, while others deactivate. This is a normal procedure in a lot of cells, with the immunological system being the one to recognize and destroy the deactivated cells.

Glioma is the most common tumor with men. Most patients do not live longer than one year after the brain tumor symptoms in men have been determined and confirmed. In case that the tumor is removable and in its early stage, survival is possible, even though in most cases this tumor tends to grow deep inside the scull, making surgery extremely difficult to do appropriately.

New Treatment Methods

Basic cells taken from one’s own fat tissue are currently being researched as there are some hints that these can be used for treating the fatal brain cancer. Scientists are working on improving the treatment of cancer cells which have been left behind after the biggest part of the tumor has been removed with operation. Over the last couple of years, doctors have focused on a single type of human cell called mesenchymal, which is attracted by cancer cells. These cells basically follow cancer cells which are migrating into the brain and they can do the treatment on their own if they are carefully prepared. Basic human cells which are currently being used on patients come from bone marrow. The new idea lies in taking these new cells from fat tissue, which is a much cheaper and easier task to do, and you still get a significant effect of avoiding the risk of brain cancer.

It appears that these cells excrete a chemical which retards the tumor cells automatically. It’s then possible to pair this effect with a possibility of proper treatment and this will have a positive effect on the brain tumor. These ideas are currently being tested on animals, but it will be at least 3 years from now when experimental treatment on people will begin.

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